Girl that Lost Her Voice


A man that made her feel safe

Took her in like she was his own

Betrayed her by making his claim 

It was ruthless. She called out for help

No one heard her scream

Belittled to nothing -- nothing at all


So she grew up through awkward stages 

And no one was there to guide her into adolesence

So, no one understood the ramping rages

She kicked, she yelled,

Praying for attention

Instead, ignored and left alone


That one guy who made her incredibly happy

Gave her no reason to cry, no reason to scream

But the people who once ignored, changed suddenly

Now she's the target

And this faithfull man

Broke not only her heart, but her every being


Tired of screaming, 

Her throat grew hoars


Tired of being a target

She isolated herself


Tired of not being heard

She lost her voice


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