I am not exist


My life is miserable like yours
I don't understand why
I wish I don't exist
So it will never happen

I am grieving
All fake friends are around
I am begging you to stop
You are stubborn

I become weak
I am trying to stay strong
I couldn't
My energy runs out

 Why me why me why me
All of them happen to me
I don't deserve that
I am lost

I am lonely
I don't know what to do
I ask a professional help
And it didn't work

It get worser and worser
I get weak and weaker
I lost my energy
I feel loveless

I need to be loved
But I don't deserve that
I don't know what to do
I just want to be happy

I  am jealous of you
You have good life than I have
You are lucky to be loved
You have great friends

I am not exist
I don't want to be exist on this earth
Crying, grieving, depressing
I am done with this!


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