Sacred Eyes


Enlighten my eyes
Your memory haunts my soul
Will you forget me forever?
Is our separation an eternity?
Vileness consumes me
Darkness blinds me
I am screaming for this guilt to end
Take my pain away…
I need to see again
You are all that’s left to save me
Make haste!
Before it is too late
I am falling…
Wake me from inertia
Hypnotize my gaze
I desire your euphoria
I need to look upon your face
Before recognition escapes me forever
And you remain a stranger
Don’t say goodbye
If I can see you one last time
My dreams will finally end
My soul rest in peace.



The temptation and the falling of our hearts that we can feel in our chest can often lead to beautiful poems (like this one!) Thank you so much for sending this in. I would love to offer you a challenge that can lead to a poem that can stem off of this one, would you possibly be interested?



Sure!  I would be more than interested!  Thank you.


I would really love to read something with (not much more, so as not to get too personal where it is uncomfrtable for you but with) detail but the emotions/events that lead up to the emotions/events in this poem. I can't wait to read the poem! I will be looking out! 


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