I had lost something

Lost at sea it was not

I set sail but all I found were people lost

Some were following a captain

Their actions commandeered by one voice

But many were by their lonesome

They had no plan

They were content with stalling on the coarse waters

They could not help me as much as they could themselves

Lost in the woods it was not

I followed tracks with high hope

But I only found small animals

Rabbits that lost their homes in search of new

Whitetail deer that kept near their young

Their young followed their parents

Never leaving or making a choice without parental consent

I found many winding paths and trails

But I did not find any of which was mine

What I was looking for

Was my Voice

And I never did find it

Because I made it

I had found myself inspired by others

By those that stood up to their peers, prideful in their ideas

I witnessed many fighting for what they believed

Regardless of being told that they were wrong

I found the courage to stand for myself

I never was an extrovert

But I learned at times my mouth need not be shut

Because one’s Voices should not silence another

This poem is about: 
My community


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