shake off this feeling 

it's just a phase

but my heart takes a beating 

when I catch your gaze 

the time that he's stealing 

my sould it does raze

but since I know your feelings 

I guess that it's okay

won't waste this breath I'm leasing 

to tell you that I'm fake 

I know of no healing 

since agian this pain i take 

"For you"

I will never have hate

but it still hurts

when i'm used as bait 

you don't know

is this the end of fate?

I broke

but a pretty picture i still paint

cause for me 

it may just be too late 

 I know 

all about God's Golden Gate 


I still you the pain

and still 

I will always wait 


I'll see your glorious day

your will

And I'll see you face to face 



This poem is about: 
My family


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