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Blood pulsing in your veins

Feral growls passing through

Eyebrows knit together

All aimed at you

Limbs quaking with anger

Hands curl into fists

Shaking to slam one

Into a wall

A floor

Anything works

The urge to inflict pain



It depends

You feel like a firework

About to explode

Lies sink into the unknown

Your mind wants to rebel

Your heart says no

But your body urges yes

Wounded and injured

Red with lashes

Scarlet with humiliation

Crimson of blood

Like rose petals scattering

Wilting as they fade

Into nonbeing

They came and left

Pushing all the right buttons

Wondering how they knew

Like a master at their skill

Knowing a recipe by heart

Saying all the wrong things

And yet the right ones

Making me boil

And over again

I start to fall

Into unfathomable darkness

Rather cold and scary

Lonely and sad

Somehow quite frightening

Unsure of what to do

Nothing interests you

Not anymore

All is gray


Perhaps a bit of white

Silence overbearing

Eyes lowering

Frowns settling

Annoyance pricking

When people ask

About what is wrong

Nothing is

What about right

Not that either

Then what

You have no clue

And it's precisely that reason

That gets you all tired


And weary

Need something exciting

But none to be found

Every day is like

The other

Accusations darting

Towards you

From everywhere

Not a moment's peace

Not a single second

Of quiet rest

And solitude

Or reflection

Everything is the

Exact same

Nowhere is different

Hollowness is evident

Faces forlorn

Not knowing where to go

What to do

Not even if you should

Or if you even could

You start to boil down

To a low simmer

And you try to think

About what had happened

And how did it happen

But answers don't arrive

You're stuck in the dark

Not allowed to cry

Not allowed to talk

Always left behind

Trying to keep up.

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My community
Our world


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