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Dead People In The Bathroom   Mama’s in prison, why ain’t she here? There’s dead people in the bathroom and a rat over there.   The water kept rising,
Danger.   Warning.   Don't step there.  Please.   Don't step that low.   Don't go high, either.   Don't even move.   The mines are all around you.
When she flies. When she lights up.   Heart soaring, people bright, this is the feeling of flight. I cannot explain much, there is no explanation,
Looking down over the edge, trying to make a not make a tough decision,  Trying to remind myself there there is more too life than this vision. The thoughts in my head are not true,
You know, I thought if I just kept writing about my pain That the pain would get better That I would get better That maybe by sharing my hurt I wouldn’t hurt anymore But the truth is that
The earth she has a fever And a nasty cough and sneeze The fear of every planet A human-like disease   They spread across her surface Removing all her trees Polluting their own oxygen
Nobody notices me I feel like a ghost They assume that I'm fine Though I'm worse off than most   I'm not even sure If I'm dead or alive I not really living I just want to survive  
Everything I am is to be dehumanized. All the morals for me are thrown out of the window because we keep our biases closer and my existence is a crime.
Ears pounding from the sound of my own disappearance My feet forever ceaseless in their own escape Limbs burning, gazed focused solely on the exit Running  
"I'm fine," I say when asked how I'm doing, "I'm good," I tell you when something's wrong, on the outside I may appear happy and joyful, but you've never seen my hidden world.  
DarknessSinking, deeper, drowning in the darkest colours imaginableGoing lower and lower until you reach the bottomLonely, cold, distantBut one wants to be that way after a whileOne gets used to the fact they will always be aloneThe hurt and torme
TRIGGER WARNING :: mentions of suicide ::   I think to myself  ‘This feels like drowning,’ As my tears fill my bathtub. This feels like dying, as my tears tie themselves around my neck.
A war both sides to lose Soul and mind fighting A glitch fights the dark A soul is cracking A victim of his own art Left to lie alone in the dark In a fire the war comes to end
I have listened to your song on repeat Over and over again in the dark Different styles and different artists But still your song I have listened to every note, every lyric And I realize only now 
i cry for help but my mouth stays closed you see my cries still you know I am crying out for help but you ignore me because its so much easier to ignore someone's cries when you are
- Stanza 1: Son Hello? Who are you? You are me. But I'm not. I mean I'm what their I's want me to be. I am who they are. And they are who I am. But now I look at the I AM,
In times like this, it is easy to feel scared and alone, When you have no idea what's going on in the outside world because you are stuck at home. With your loved ones so far away, 
Sometimes she's trapped in a room surrounded by glass, she's dying inside and lets just say the person who put her there, well he doesent doesn't want her to last.
Extra tiny dinosaur Walking over there Covered in scales and dust and mud For you life is not fair Hunted and stolen Lost and beat I want to save you Because you are neat
Me: "Was it easy?" Him: "Was what easy?" Me: "How one day you considered me your everything and the next day you decided this love was nothing. That we were nothing. That I was nothing."
That pain that I felt in my chest yesterday is in my gut today And I don't know if it's the heartbreak  moving through my veins into other parts of me or if it happens to be the alcohol
I am your burden The God you called out to that did not answer They failed me for the final time I came begging on my knees Skin torn and bleeding Having walked thousands and thousand of miles
Depression grips my wrist like a child in a storm Holding me a hostage, in my head and in my dorm Filling me with sadness that cannot be explained Like my head is full of cannon balls and my ankles all but chained.
I hold all my tears in my hand so no one will hear them hit the ground. My tears are so heavy. They weigh so much. They hold so much hurt, sorrow, and rarely joy.
She rises with the morning, She lights all that she sees, Her warming rays embrace me, Reminding me of my worth.   She never stops her shining, She dries all of my tears,
 The world is on fire and flooding as well, The most powerful country is going to hell   The princess and prince have stepped down from royalty And rights are debated as if we aren’t dying  
You know, when you’re drowning, you don’t actually inhale until right before you black out. The instinct to not let any water in is so strong that you won’t open your mouth until you feel like your head’s exploding.
The mind has a funny way of playing tricks on you, Even though you have it planned in your head what you want, your mind still takes over and tells you what to do.
The familiar scratching at the inner linings of your throat like a cat scratching at the walls, screaming to be let out. The sensation of your airways closing like that time when a man you did not know choked you for reasons you did not know.
Everyday I walk though these fucking hallways. Sit in this fucking desk. Talk to these fucking people. Look at this fucking teacher. Read this fucking book. Do this fucking homework.
  Some slash their wrists. Ingest a bottle of pills. Jump off a high building. Hang themselves. Blow their brains off. And it is at that moment when they feel the most alive and will to be free.
Ours is an untamed love Fearsome Crashing like the waves on the shore Destructive   Our love is the wings of a dove Uplifting Pulling taut each heart string Unbreakable  
No one asked me what I wanted No one cares when you’re not wanted I am not the man I wanted But no one asked   No one asked me who I loved No one cared I wasn’t loved
Bleeding hearts like broken glass The only thing left to remember the past Dripping down sidewalks like silicone tears A face made of plastic to hide all your fears  
So Many CLAIM They Want To HELP ... !!! But Seem To Me To ... " Help THEMSELVES " ... !?! From Charities To Families ... Who Help Long After ................... " TRAGEDIES " ..... !!!!!
This is for the picker uppers. For the “I got it, don’t worry”ers For the fixers
I’m lost in a forest with no one around I’m lost  I see eyes in the bushes and stars in the night I’m lost
I can't do this on my own I need someone's hand to hold Just to know I'm not alone And to know that someone knows That I'm trying and I'm struggling And I'm doing what I can,
How are you? Im fine. Are you sure? Im fine.  You look sad though... Im fine. So no cravings?  Im fine. 
  I need a hero. I don't know how to save myself Somebody help me I'm tired. Of cutting into my flesh to numb the pain
I am here! Or am I not? I remember the first time I attempted The girls up front went on To me they made it seem like a joke
Athena stands on the front lines Forever battle ready Armed with words and a shield of silence She's going to break down the enemy.   
I’m unsure of who I am, I’m unsure of my identity. I’m unsure of my sexuality, I’m unsure of who I want to be.  I’m unsure if I even want to live, I’m unsure of my religious beliefs.
I am depressed. I need help. Save me. These are the words I can never bring myself to say. Like if I say them out loud, it might make them real.
Can you save me?Can you pull me from my pit?From my dark and endless jail?Can you tear down my walls of anguish?Burn my fears or failure?Can you help me?Can you teach me how to feel real again?
Why is the world so judgmental? Like people, Hungry animals choose their prey By looking for the weak or wounded They pursue them—
Sweet sage. Tears. Hands clinched around another's as we sink, slipping below the original position. The land shifts like dreams. Massive. Mother loves and cries of her blessings eternally. Cycle Synechis.  
Path to the Heart She's the wave just ere it reaches its crest That perfect moment as it picks you up, right before it breaks into a beautiful surf, Reflecting the world in her eyes.
     men    only fools             can't help          love        you          stay?                      sin         help                                 you? Like a river                   to the sea
You know what they say and you’ve heard what they’ve said Go seize the day Don’t stay home in bed   But my head is too heavy And each move is a battle My bones are not ready
You hit me hard You played your cards You broke a glass And caught the shards   you broke my heart tore it apart You left me here Nowhere to start   So the story goes
A loose excerpt from The Icarus Complex:   There was a child named Icarus, Who always dreamed of touching the stars. They had wonderful intelligent parents.  God were they intelligent, 
Living with anxiety is like living in an invisible box. It has 7 walls, one for every day of the week and a glass ceiling to remind you that you’ll never escape. The box’s name is fear.
What if I could live in a world in which I never fell for you? What if I never fell for you? What if I never fall again? Never feel the scrape of my knees hitting earth again.
You know, there is a possibility that I am not spider man. Probably a small one, but it’s still a possibility. I mean Spider-Man must wake up with an emptiness in the left side of his chest looking to the right side to the emptiness of his bed.
LET GO!!! yells my brain my heart still just hangs on to that one little strings my hands left with tears and blood dripping from the wounds but still I clinge tightly still I think I can make it better
Limbs numb, Hearing lost, Tears dried, Anger Concentrated, Frustration built-up, Spirit broken.  
I see the world differently. I grow taller and everything is smaller, But truly the world seems bigger And badder. The world is a mess. How can I do anything to make it better?  
Monster of greed Longs to be seen Ransacks the spark It leaves its mark.   The mourning wind blows Taking what it must.
****Trigger Warning****     It’s like I want to tear my skin off. I take a breath and hold it. I can’t let it go.
The questions pop up like fireworks Sparks flying out  I cover my face, evading them while fire licks the dark sky I push my hand over my ears I don't want to see, to think It hurts, my head straining
She's just a little girl With her eyes full of tears Her heart full of dreams But those dreams are broken They are destroyed by reality
Dear God,I don’t understand my purpose,I don’t even know what’s destined for me, I don’t know why you have given me this life,But can you help me understand?Can you lead me down a path,Regardless of trials or tribulations,To become the woman I’m s
Everyday, people are wanting to die. Everyday, many people try. Few are successful, Others are not. All of this is dreadful. Why is none of this taught?
Everyday, people are wanting to die. Everyday, many people try. Few are successful, Others are not. All of this is dreadful. Why is none of this taught?
I was raised with all the correct tools resources, books, experience.  Yet, I struggle.  Struggle to realize I schedule my own doctor's appointments, swipe my own card at registers, Pay for my own gas. 
Whenever I'm pained The scars on my thighs swell up To blood red that's raised.
One day you're home, and then another you are left all alone.  Abandoned, gone, and lost.  Looking around like theres been a holocaust.  People say life is black and white-
What can I say to make it better? What can I say to make it not hurt?
The school I went to had no after school activities Never had a dad to play with He died the month before I was born He was an OG
Will you still be here, when my fingers fall to pieces? Broken glass beneath my toes, a reminder of my own fate. Will you still listen, when the words mean nothing?
It all started years ago When I decided that I had to let go of my old life And leave the world of strife I had to let my life escape me I had to be free.
From the time you are born to the moment you die, You’re stuck inside of your body, And the mere thought of that used to make me cry. Why do I look like this? Oh God, I hate myself,
When did my feelings become second to yours? Why are my opinions wrong and absurd? When did my silence become your turn to speak? Why, to you, am I small and weak? Why am I bad even if I’ve done nothing to you? Why, when I give the world, do you a
Sharp cold crashing waves. They rush over me. They drag me under. Until I reach the bottom. The ground with sand  coursely rubbing against my skin, getting into my mouth and eyes,
What is failure? For me, failure is unhappiness. I want to be successful with my education to form my future. Will my future be filled with happiness? Or will it be filled of missed opportunities and regret?
From the gold-wired peacock in mass man, Entrapping us like the black singer in his bear trap And to the expendable, brutish, savages that we are Reason is God, and fear is the Eve who horns him.  
Shadows cover my face It’s no warm embrace In case you didn’t notice, I am not a pompous little lotus. I see what some cannot The hours passing through an empty lot This place is far from home
I am only overwhelmed with pure joy; It is when I take in that sweet fresh air. The smell of rain lingers as a decoy, It's a distraction to the lack of care.
I stole a friend, I took them hostage, I held them here to listen. You didn't know me when I pulled my gun, you didn't know what I wanted. You begged for your life, I begged for you to listen.
A tight emptiness in my throat A quick consideration of options but endlessly told to say nothing Youth does not hide the terror in trying or the knife swallowed as i do nothing
There's a lot going in your mind Wishing you could be away from all this The feelings that drowns out your cries The confusion path trails down Leaving drops of years for remembrance
I feel around me in the dark,  A wall, two walls, three, then four.  I’m in a box,  I cannot escape, I’m shouting, screaming Help me! But no one hears,
Firm hands, from shadows on the wall. Firm no’s, from girls around nightfall. I promised to protect you all.    Don’t touch, These artifacts are rare. Don’t look, It’s really rude to stare,
All I have to say is listen But whenever I try, My throat closes up, I feel like I’m about to die, Paralysed, I can’t get words out, So instead I say;             I’m fine. 
  My oh my, what is this deadly sensation? A sickening feeling, oh how I detest it. Like a chemical reaction, I feel the explosion Of a million thoughts, the mind's at the limit.  
I need some help  'Cause i wnat to kill myself I want to die  And I can't tell you why I'm tired of fighting  I need help thriving  I keep trying and trying  It seems the more I try 
Death says to meCome here my boy,I'll take you away I think, "I can finally flee"I am not playing coyThe pain will go away
It's simply futile treading cold water Rising past my green ankles O how its barbarous teeth bite and sting!    My toes are engulfed by sea's spiteful jaws  Veins pierced by blind eyes;
Voice to behold, is a voice to be heard To have such will, but not to apply now Would be a fate, which holds no chance to learn As to be present now, while mind say ciao
Young childrenUnclothedCold unfedThat go unnoticed by  Parents Drugged Never home Living for themselves Systems Broken RushedRuined Children with no role models Give us no chance For future The child looks at me I am just a child
Wake up, roll out of bed Hit the floor, legs like lead Emotions are weighing me down Dawn my mask to cover my frown   My mask of Immaturity My mask gives me security
When tragedies happen we often think, "it didn't happen to me, So it doesn't matter as much" we think we are a safe distance from the violence.  That's what they want us to think. 
when the sun turns red,my heart for you breaks;for I knowit's turning was in honorof your suffering.
Am I Okay September 14, 2018 ~ Friday Kicking, screaming out for help Sneakers, gloves, here they come Running through the halls
Could You September 11, 2018 ~ Tuesday I’m gripping tightly Onto that which makes me all I ever was and needed The words I heard and heeded
The Question September 10, 2018 ~ Monday I came to get help Not to get hurt And every time you make a move
Finding your voice is not easy to do. It all starts with a problem you need to get through. After trying to deal with it all by yourself, You think, "maybe I should look outside myself."
i feared you being a small fragile creature with doe eyes ready to tuck my tail and hide and you knew it   you let me know how off i-
Gravitating backwards she declines,Liquefying to earth's compression's,Ruined but intertwined,Cannot bypass innocent transgression.
That darn boy! I mean he's not even that important,  But he's found an empty corner of my mind And he won't leave.  What do I do? How can I dislodge This adorable male entity
Sometimes it feels like I’m in a ring, and it knocks me down. Its kicking and yelling, “Can’t get up, can you?” Other times it feels like I’m drowning, and it suffocates me. Its pointing and laughing, “Done, yet?”
You creeped inside my mind, in one instance and over time.   I felt you in my sleep, with each breath I couldn’t keep.   You hid inside my brain, and I wore a mussel of your shame.   
Whether it is someone not listening or being alone Thinking you are ugly or not having a solid home Being told you have problems or other bullying ways Everyone gets frustrated Even me
Am I really the same person as I was a couple years ago? This new person I see in the mirror tells me different I wouldn’t say that I blossomed physically into change
It's always been an educator.
For the man with a son who still looks like a child himself. he writes silly notes and always has candy in his pockets. How can somebody so young have the eyes of an old man.  
How different it is to go from one place and be so invisible, then to come to another and suddenly be the bell-of-the-ball.
How different it is to go from one place and be so invisible, then to come to another and suddenly be the bell-of-the-ball.
my head is constantly telling me I am scared, I am anxiety chest hurts, nervous, taking prescriptions panic attacks, pain, and other mind numbing symptoms but through and through I try to find hope
This pain that built up inside me, The screaming that shook me to my core. Took ahold of what i could see,  Till I didn't know what was what anymore.  And there you were being you, 
In a matter of days, I have become addicted to letting go.  Letting go of the food that my mouth consumed only hours before. The smell of vomit filling my nose like gasoline  it burns. 
I remember the day And the shame that followed When I asked for help And my fear I swallowed They asked me questions How long I'd felt this way How my life was at home If I felt I'd lost my way
A break from heart-acheAn escape from realityAn emotional pause,Or to set a break-down free
What do we do when we are not okay inside and Everyone around us doesn’t notice and Make it worse. What do we do when it hurts inside and It is too deep to fix and We can’t ask for help.
The god awful sound of terror sweeps into your mind. You can't wake up from reality it keep you between your morality.  I'm only so young, everything's new I don't know what I'm supposed to do.   
it never stops the noise within  no breaks no holidays no timeouts  Consistency  Intensity waves of volume weigh me down particular voices come to mind always pessimestic
I found her sorrow in the purple and blue lightning bolts under her eyelids. I found her courage in the hollow irises deep inside her eyes. I found her stress in the
Let's be lonely together We'll sit by the fire and you might call me a liar Cause I stole some Monopoly money while you turned your back Or I stole some of your food and had a light snack
I see how you suffer I want so badly to help But I do not know how Will you tell me? Is my smile okay? Was my hug comforting? My words seem so  Very empty Tell me What helps
What is wrong with you, they ask, I don't know, I'll tell them, I don't know. But I do, how do I, someone obscure, tell them, That I am tired. That they have cut me off from those I trust,
  I do not decide who I am, for who I am is decided by another Some may think I strive to harm, but some may see me as their brother.
Hi, my name will remain anonymous for the simple fact it's my heart speaking not my name or who I am. Lorde, I've never been a die-hard fan but I am absolutely a fan, especially of your latest album Melodrama.
You say there is a God, I ask you where You say you must believe And he has a reason   He is hurting me I am fifteen
This is.... For that little boy wondering why his parents never look at him with pride in their eyes. For that little girl who when her parent begin to yell, she starts to cry.
Dear Nathan, I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye or even say hello I wish I could’ve stopped you And showed you that you weren’t alone Or if I couldn’t do that
I tried to tell them, but no one listened They told me my personality was to blame That I was young, that I had time to learn But who will teach me? Who will cure me of the crushing insecurities
Dear Everyone, I think I'm failing life. My brain tries to decide what's important, But it always gets it wrong. What am I even doing? Missing homework, Missing friends, Missing a purpose.
I have never known what kind of person I am Except that I like to be alone, And that loneliness is my best friend. There has never been a time that I was not relieved To feel my tears stain mascara to my cheeks.
There's something twisted and dark in me.                                                                                                      I tried to pull it out                                                                                 
The coldness you would put me through would make me appreciate the warmth you straightened me with You thought i would bend You thought i would yearn for your approval as i did as a child
He asked for help - they laughed. He begged to be understood - they ignored. He screamed for attention - they didn't give it.
Every day we pass by, All the people we saw cry   But do we think of it? No we just overlook the ones who quit   I sometimes stop what I'm doing, To my dismay I just end up stewing  
Jesus, please guide my way Show me how to live Godly day by day Please show me how to love my friends and family And for all my wrongs, please forgive me You're my Friend, so I’m glad to hold Your Hand
Hi it's me again remeber the girl you forgot again remeber you said you'd be right back remember you left me to freeze in a shack Hi it's me again remeber when you told me we were best friends
You can't blame me for the nights you went out. I didn't claim to save you from that needle when you behave the way you do.
Who am I? Am I someone who's good at art, music? Or even dance? Sporty? Good at writing? Who am I? Am I supposed to smile all day? Am I supposed to follow the rules?
I saw this man alone in the brisk cold; He wore an eskimo hat to keep warm. A passing girl praised the hat, and behold- The man offered it to her, against norm.
"Tell me what's wrong?" "You've been distinct for so long." "I'm only here to help." "Let me know what's on your mind." "Please do tell." "Please let me know." "Come on, let me do something."
You needed me.
Dear Depression,   Are you enjoying yourself? This is another day. Why can’t you just leave me! You rest on me like dust on an unused bookshelf. You bring nothing but distaste; I wonder what it must be
I know it's not gonna be easy There's gonna be hard days There's gonna be sad days I know that life will sometimes feel like a maze But with God, I'll make it through, because He is good in so many ways My God has never failed to make me amazed I
Because I loved you, and maybe I do, I sat with you when you got angry. Because I loved you, and maybe I do, I held your hand and told you to take deep breaths. Because I loved you, and maybe I do,
poem by gabbywhat is the problemI'm swooning, I'm crying.I'm trying to see the way you do,but lust is written all over you.i just wanna love youfor now and for later.but you make me cry,
Two people.  Two very different people suddenly meet. One and the other see each other and finally make a conversation. It goes W E L L at least for one
You were beautiful You could have followed your Dream You could have kept it cool Kept your balance on the balance beam Those tears in your eyes You never should have hid I guess no one relaized
“Because I love you, you should stay.   You should ignore whatever they’ve told you. I love you, don’t listen to them. I know I hurt you.
Liar I have one for him and for her I have one for them and for us I have one for you and for me   The lies they come The lies they go From here and there They appear  
I will listen to society and I might cry at the words I hear, but I still do when she is wounded by her own sword And I will stand to say that I love her like a mother or sister
no light at the end to guide you even though I'm pointing the way you will ignore me, won't you because you think I speak lies but I wouldn't lie to you I couldn't because you're too deep
dark room   frizzy fibers enter my nails, anticipation sets in   the bird is hungry   ears open,
In the depths of the reflected light You can catch a glimpse, a girls' shadow It's a sight you can't overlook With her eyes so hollow and haunted Concealing within a ghastly narrative  
Forgive me, For I have been Born a sin, A paradox of life and hate, A believer of fate, A tragedy that lies awake And charges forward without hesitate. A Whisper in the wind,
What a whore? What a slut? Oh my God, did she give it up? Drink some bleach Get a rope Didn’t cut deep enough? Next time try your throat  Ew it smells like rotten fish
Love is a beautiful thing, when done right Love can be amazing, without all the fights You should always be happy, never sad  Never tell your partner things you'll regret, just 'cuz your mad
Love is pain Love is kind Love is honestly a waste of time  there's no true love's kiss  or a frog turned prince because love is absent in today's kids  Love is hurt  Love is cries
Fat thats what I am. Ugly that's what I think when i look into the mirror, that mirror that just looks deeper into my eyes, that sees the hunger that fills them.
Don't forget to take your medicine; because I love you. Talk to me about how you're feeling; because I love you. Are you having a rough day? I promise you'll be okay. Just lay with me for now. Because I love you.  
You have consumed my thoughts. How are you? You have become a part of my daily routine. Should I text him? You drive me crazy. Why hasn't he replied? I think I am becoming depressed.
I did not know what love was until I met him It was not until I felt him caress my skin He captured my heart And locked me away Because I love you, he said
SANCTUARY!SANCTUARY!She cried The door openedShe was sprawled on the stepsIn her own blood Too late  
I sit in the parking lot of in diner. There's a fluorescent light attracting moths and other bugs. I see them flying frantically around, trying to reach the light, darting in and off, too quickly to cause much harm.
She didn't know why Her anti-suicide talks Wouldn't work on her.
smoldering duration of piercing eyes lurking searching & seeking in the midnight blood portals filled with vast darkened madness Torn
It bothers me that there's empty trash cans And trash covered streets People sleeping on warm beds with clean sheets When other people are trying to fall asleep With no pillow on cold hard concrete
Well...I have written all the letters. So I guess this is goodbye forever, or at least until I am better. This mental state that I am in... I can't even begin. I hope that the next time you see me
The echoing halls are ringing with the forgotten cries comming from a raw throat. Nobody will turn to look at her as she cries for help, dying on the inside. Nobody will hear her
I sit here Scared and alone Am I loved? I ponder I hear someone call for me in the distance No, it couldn't have been I shake my head and look at the stars My tears glisten in the moon-light
Words I use to build up hope. These words I use to help me cope. To deal with the pain, I felt for years. To help me with these childish fears. Words I use to express my Soul.
Guns, death, anger at race Too many times have tears rolled a face To cry is to express pain and distress America seems to be in that state of mess
O'Merica, My brown colored skin was never considered competition, Instead it's laughed at behind closed doors, Growing up I often wondered, Quite often actually, What people died to come here for,
I am screaming Standing still Face towards the sky My throat, it burns But no one hears It is all in my head I smile At my friends My eyes are closed My face, it hurts
The United States of Twitter... I think I need a one hitter. 
America, the land of the free and home of the brave America, the land of the enslaved and home of the depressed We sit here unabled to believe you when we can't even believe oursleves
Please forgive me for what I have done, This weight on my chest weighs a ton. The life I have I fearfully regret, But what I've done I'll never forget.   My arms are scarred here and there,
    A broken boy, a battered girl Soil from which the fern uncurl. From two lives, were seeped in pain Somehow we found our hearts again. A world of darkness, two specks of light
Depression depression you bring me down you make me sad you make me drown. Drowned in emotions so deep so dark, they melt my soul they break my heart. The cuts, the burns, the tears feel great.
She wore the smile, she played the part. She hid her feelings deep within her heart. She put on a show, faked her smile. Her feelings and actions are becoming idle. No one knew, and no one cared.
The whispers of secrets Tucked away they lie Seemingly quiet as crickets Yet as boisterous as the sky Bending down to touch the earth Out of the withered hands of an ungodly nook
04/11/2017   Empty ---   A long road ahead of me, And thousands’ of miles behind me. I continue my way, Until I can see. My vision is troubled, My legs are tired,
At least They can’t hear what goes on in my head   At least They can’t see The tears I have shead   At least
Don’t Find the Time to Hide To Hide From Life From Your Responsibilities, Your Wants Dreams   Don’t Find Time To Stop
Words like rain.   Words drop like a constant rain, Drowning out all that is humane   Words like rain.   At first start small
People tap and pound on the glass walls of their cage all piled in like sardines in a can. Some of their faces are motionless, some are screaming.
help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help l help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt 
You show up Blowing smoke rings And making light in the dark Like my all-knowing caterpillar, Full                                                                  Of intelligent euphemisms Cleverly
How could you do this? Destroy the bonds we built This land was our land
There's something so poetic about watching everything crumble around you How can destruction be so artistic, so beautiful? Seeing everything you attempted to build just fall It's gone in the matter of minutes
Close your eyes. Breathe. Count to ten. One. Two. Your heart begins beating faster and faster, causing a terrible pain inside. You bring your hands to your chest and dig your fingers into yourself.
I remember the first time you did it The first time you made me feel like my body was no longer my own I remember the first, second, and third time you made me bleed or when I would hold back tears so you wouldn't call me weak and then you would b
She lies, And she does it so easily, She hides, And she does it so sneakily, She rips apart hearts,
you hate things about yourself you don’t like photos you feel weak and unloved and uncared for
Built up hatred Oozes out of the pores of the misinformed. Can't seem to escape it. Can't seem to rise above it. How can I become an example When I feel like a sample Of America's weakest?
It’s been a long time coming But we’re finally okay We know we deserved this sooner But we’ll take what we can get   But just as all the pieces seem to fall right into place
You look at me as if I am inhumane You ponder your thoughts on why I am of use to you You see me dead in the eye and cut me open I cannot breathe I cannot speak  I have no voice I am not heard.
It feels weird. Standing along the walls. Watching everyone have to go through it all. All the suffering and self exploration. I'm glad, a few years ago, i gave myself that explotation.
What we do, what we say, how we think, be aware, and repeat. Take the fruit from the low hanging tree, easy to take, easy to see, thank you to the low hanging tree, and repeat.
when you're sad You need to get happy but when your sadness runs deep through your bones through your veins through your heart and through your brain You need to get help to get happy.
No Thank You. I don’t want the stress. Senior year, college too No Thank You.  I can’t deal with it. Not all of the work.
My thoughts are killing me, my dreams are haunting me. My body is covered, with hundreds of scars. My eyes are liars, and so is my mouth. My body disgust me, I'm repulsive to myself.
I’ve heard, my dear, that you aren’t okay. I’ve heard you crying, I’ve heard you say:   “I give up, I tell you. I surrender my soul.” But I promise you that one day, you will be whole.  
I’m constantly holding back tears, I hate the lump in my throat, I wake up, do my makeup, fix my hair, and throw on my coat, I walk out the door and into the world, Here I am everyone, just a lost, vulnerable girl,
How can you live? You. You who want More than anything to die You say that each day you look in the mirror With a knife blade held Ready to kill You speak of bedsheets and blood
Shadows line the walls When sun light fades And darkness falls. And into the abyss  The tormenting pit We find ourselves bound.   The ropes of doubt The shackles of fear
We all had it coming.
No light, Darkness reigns at this hour.   No sound, Sadness takes at this hour.   Can't feel, Senses are far away.   Can't breath. No air left to take in.  
My life was a whirlwind of suffering, but only within my mind. My day to day hardships don't always happen in real time. My life was dark, dead, and dreary.
Stressed and getting depressed Fingers cold, I'm a graduating senior... Thats quite old! I can't with my face, I just may be losing this race.
So many deaths From disease - war - Starvation - abuse. So many tragedies In Hiroshima - Columbine - Paris - Boston. A moment of silence On 9/11 - Rememberance Day -
I walk 15 minutes to find you when I'm sad.Though it's very rare I find myself feeling this bad.In cold weather, I'll find you, while I'm jacket-clad.If I find you taken by another, I'm rather mad.
If I am lost in a storm of doubts or a cloud of fear, call Lindsey. If I cannot find the will to go on, get Maggie. If I am in need of light or laughter, text Isabelle or Michelle.
Being awoken  And opening my eyes To the sunshine Every morning When I could only see darkness Showed me that There was more to me Than my mental illness   It gave me a reason
As a kid I loved swimming It was something  That made me happy   As I grew My love  For immersion  Became fear   As I realized The mental horror Of drowning 
it is not my shame for i am proud of love nor is it my fear that rises above above my wings that ache your name above my eyes that avoid your gaze the one they long for
you don't have to be mine but i want to be yours break down your barred arms and unlock your chest's doors let me find myself in your eyes and smile into your neck it burns where you touch me
you're not magical nor impossible to believe you're oh-so-real and all i can see i don't know your mind but i love it so i want you to take me to wherever you go you go in the night
Him. A three letter word that titles my biggest distraction. My largest secret.  My most unfiltered thoughts.    I don't know how these feelings and excuses came to be titled Him,
  Like pink skies and red oceans, each day is so beautifully enigmatic Mystery and curiosity caress my day in a world so sorrowfully systematic A chance to touch and breathe ease me into sunrise and poetry flow
10 days:No blade,no blood. 20 days:I'm tired,I'm sad,I want my blade. 30 days:I can't have my blade,I can't put a sharp object on my skin,am I finally clean?
Am I living to work or working to live? Either way I'm still considered a kid. Alone in this hardship or helped by my dad The latter is something I've never had. They'll judge you and point, 
We each have our own weight to bearphysical, emotional, spiritual we do not careThe thought that our weight could crush othersIs why we do not share
It was what nobody suspect, And denial begins, Because how could a girl like me Who has everything  Fall into this pit of darkness?   Is it really my fault That I may be depressed?
The week has just started And I'm drowning in a flood Of papers and anxiety In homework and insomnia. The halls are much too crowded, There is no spaces in the rooms, My head is over crowded
trigger touch  to end a life  throw a punch  or grab a knife  but why tell me why? is it so you feel alive? or is it because you hate goodbyes? well look me, look  into my eyes
A wag for a smile A nudge for a pet A lick for a laugh A cuddle for a hug A fetch for a ball Would you look at that I'm happy after all
When I fet like I could talk to no one, You were there for me. Through my troubling thoughts and feelings, I could open up to you, Poetry.    My smile always plastered across my face in public
written 08/09/16 So much disappointment, So much hate, So much lies, So many things that I'm afraid.   I seek to punish, I seek to find pain,  I seek to feel alive,
written 08/08/16 Why speak if I will be ignored? My words will fall to the ground Forgotten and left behind  Like dust around us. Why is it that they aren't heard, Or simply overlooked?
written 08/07/16   The secrets we keep Just words between us, We carefully speak Perfectly hushed. But now I have questions And we are never alone, So I speak nothing
Be who you want to see in a few years Enticing, it is. Yet, Sadness is temporary (just like rain!) Take your chin up.
I shattered silently, And nobody noticed. Not that I want anyone to notice, So why am I writing it out? Perhaps it is to escape, And have the pieces elsewhere. Perhapse it is so I can see each piece,
You know I say I'm okay, And that I will push you away. But I want you to know what I want.   I want you to hug me, And tell me that you know I'm not. And hold me though I'm distraught.  
Its just another day, My meals were a blur, I powered through day struggles, Knowing nothing different will occur, I find myself wondering if I could change my life, Make it a bit happier,
You are more  you are more than the boys who sleep with you and do not call  you are more than the c you got in economics you are more than the boss who talks down to you and makes you feel small
Mirror mirror on the wall I can't look at you at all. The image of me distorted will be, And my mind from it shackles will not be free.   Mirror mirror on the wall You hasten my downfall.
I've been left wordless, As my mind is tangled witth the problem. The letters float around, But no words come out. So my ipod I plug in, And my heart will live on,
What? No I want to feel unchained   What? No I want to breathe free   What? No This isn't fair I want to live I want to care   Please don't do this again
To be one of manyTo be one of many means that I walk around with a flaming red target on my back.And like the Bull you are you try to attack.To be one of many means that I can't walk into a store without your watchful eyes on my hands.To be one of
There are a few things you should know, About me and my life, And what I've learned to not show. You don't know what I feel, I keep it well hidden, But maybe I shouldn't,
Seas of people crying for help through hushed screams  In our everyday lives, we pass them by Letting their voices drown under ocean waves Eliminating their last flicker of hope with our
For depression had overtaken But left me unshaken; As introduced to Robert Frost, I  had not been forsaken.   I took to heart the rhymes of words, And flourished by my thoughts,
Stop pretending you are so nice, Hidden in the world like dirty mice. Faking a sugary smile with a honey voice, Taking a knife to your victims of choice. You are weak because you can't keep quiet,
The person who always looks happy Is the one that gets hurt the most The person who always care about others Is the one that gets hurt the most The person who always works hard
I hear you words everyday in somhow in some way you say you aren't controlling me but I am trapped I'm not free.  You degrade me in public call me names to make me feel pychotic
The red ink is beautiful, It oozes from dark to light, Brought upon this clean slate With a sharp quill that glints in the moonlight. Gliding along the paper, The sharp quill glows,
Bam bam! One fist after the other. Pow pow! One too many hits.
It is delicious and sweet, So simple to enjoy, When not having to worry about a thing. For me that's not the case. I love food, at least I did But the relationship is on and off.  
a star shines bright in the dark night skies but when the morning sun rises it hides   a hero lends a helping hand to a needing man
Way back Way way back In the darkest of times In the dark In the night Of my mind In the screams In the terror I found a pen And paper Wrote down my feelings About
What is left after we go our separate ways? Never to see each other again, When once we saw each other everyday. after all the words are spoken, The things that they said that left me broken.
Diego Vega
Who will care when the world ends? Will it be you or any of your friends? What if the world ended today? Would you be happy with how it ends?
Suffocating in this ocean of noise. Tried drying my eyes that are now puffy and moist.  Where was your love in my time of need? Where were you when I couldn't sleep?  An oath from you abandoned carelessly.
How much longer can I hold on? Hold on to this reality, The smiles that I place On my usually tiered face. Hold on to this image that you see A confident girl that is happy.
You came home late last night I noticed not because I waited for you but because when you're outside pounding on the door you were moaning your name
I love you, I really do But you know we can not be. We are too afraid to face reality. We have been to close for far too long, And found our spot of comfort. We will never move beyond that,
A song I sing that would make no sense/As a song/Couldn't control the feelings inside/So a piece of paper I hoped would provide/ I write my words like a toddler walking/ Slowly, slowly stumbling/ Soon I gain speed and rhyme/ The world looks differ
One of the hardest things I do Is talk to you. It doesn't happen until I snap, And all hell breaks loose. I try to tell you, But the words are impossible to find. When I do my best it is dismissed.
I'm okay, When I refuse to look you in the eye. I'm okay, When I hide in the shadows. I'm okay, When I hide behind my fringe. I'm okay, When the world is ignoring me. I'm okay,
Something overtook me and I did not know what to say. I struggled with my emotions and was tired of each day. Abuse in my mind and torment in my soul, The need to get rid of it so suddenly took hold.
When I call out, And ask for help Nothing seems to come. Just my echoing voice Bounces back, leaving me alone. The echo comes in your criticism, And what you point out as wrong,
Black Veil Brides, The band that saved me from myself. I had lost my passion for music and life, As I was devistated by the world's devices. It was their music that reminded me... It's okay to be different,
They don't know about it. The anxiety I face. When I have to go to a place, Where I know little to no people. From working at the restaurant, To a party at my friend's place.  
Maybe I am ill, Perhaps I am not, But the issues many of us face Remain unseen. So I ask that people read along. Look into my head, And into what I have seen. This is why I write my poetry.
It didn't take too much To bring me down to my knees. To leave me laying on the floor Covered in bruises and blood. To leave me laying alone in the dark.   So here I stay on the floor,
Have you ever sat there, In the ice  rain to watch  The droplets crash into the barren ground? The destruction of their perfect form, Beautiful and sad.   Have you ever sat there
Turn up the radio, as high as it goes. Drown out the echoing screams, That tell you nothing, But mean the world to me. The inaudible screaming in my head, Where the little monsters play.
I never realized how much I was missing out on life Never realized I was still in the night You found me smoking a cigarette and you reached out your hand Why me?
Success is key In the golden sea that is opportunity. But in this endless sea, Would you ever help me find my sanity? Can't you see? You are the enemy.
I thought I was a sociopath. There was something missing in my mind, No feelings, no time, The tears that once created streams were now damned by these things.   Just write.  
White as snow, The beautiful rose. So fragile its petal, Hiding the thorns. The thorns that it hates, For it ruins its beauty. It ruins its purity. Among the red roses She belongs not.
I know that I know nothing, Yet what do you know of me? That I smile and laugh, That I am truely happy? I can see that you are hidding tears, Right behind those smiles.
  There comes a time when your body forfeits the game and your heart reaches the limit of pain While your soul shrivels  up in shame.  
  I have the power of a lion   but you allow me to be a bird locked up in a dark space I sit
Anxiety gripped her, Its boney fingers long. She tried to resist its grip. But it grew tighter And tighter With each futile shake.
Eyes close,Swoosh!Vehicle passing by,Beep! Beep!Passing by the road rage,Tweet! Tweet!Passing by a bird’s song,Sniff!Passing by a bakery,
I need help I need something to hold me ever close Because everyday that I look out of my eyes to peek at the world that I will admit I sometimes despise I feel like I want to die I need help
i guess this is what happens when people get too close they see i am too much i am nothing but suffering i consume the love i try to give gets engulfed back into me with the brutal force of rejection
The cry of a little baby, The agony of young soul, The brutality of life, That streams down from souls, All this can be repaired, Walk to that beggar, Speak to that pregnant teenage girl,
If I were said to be anything I'd have to be a crash test dummy I have honor to the front seat Of everyone else's mistakes I get to see the explosions First hand Forget my own happiness
I've shed so many tears, I have no more, And all that is left is a shell. A shell of a girl that I used to know, The girl that I still show. But no one knows what happens,
Verse 1:Breathe into meThe light is fading fastI cannot speakThe weight is tearing me downThe pain of this worldIs crushing me into the ground
In the shadows  in the shade when the hope of past things fade forget the past forget the pain  when all is lost, it's not you, you try to save  it's brothers,friends, sisters,family 
Ever since I could remember, I have been a sensitive man. I never felt that in the embers, that sharing my thoughts was a good plan. Then one day while at school, My teacher taught poetry to me.
when did innocence become insanity? even the voices in my head are sick of me wish they wouldn't feed the beast that I now have named Agony  but I swear it wasn't really me  it fed on words from humanity 
I grew up, expected to be an adult I went through rocks and stabs I know we all fought People watched as if I was a cast   No one gave me a hand we all grew up we all went through the wet sand growing with all of my lumps and dumps   No one can se
Being stuck on an island, devoid of possessions A state which may lead to spiraling depressions   Though I were granted a chance to prepare To minimize the effect of my deserted despair  
Yes I've figured it out, Yes I've worked hard, But it would seem that only I am proud, Of my ability to say RAWR!!!!! I scream from the pits, The emotions in my heart. I scream so I won't fall apart.
i always wanted you to call me "princess",    but i was too afraid to ask- and now you call her "princess",    and you don't call me back. so dress her in your finest-    make her pretty in pink,
      take it step by step                           I say when I feel like I need to run        take it breath by breath                           I say when I feel I took my last one        take it hit by hit 
sometimes it's not about the tears shed even though they are it's not about how deep your wounds lead even if they lead to your heart it's not about the words left unsaid or what you did in the dark
We live in a world where morals don’t exist, Where there is violence, hate and children who cut their wrist. Where it’s “okay” to look down on others for their lack of things,
Do you remember closing your eyes and thinking of the days you were dead? Not dead, but dying? You died once, Long ago it was.
                                        look to the sky                               or look to the ground                                        get up and fight                                or just lay back down 
                                                       Hero wanted                                                  No experience necessary                                                         A hand is needed
The world is crying  cause children are starving  while inside your dying  and you can't stop the heartache  the dealers are buying  the people are lying but you can't stop trying  to fight it
I'm going insane. Happy as can be in a moment, Only to come crashing down the next, Into the darkness of my head. From a pleasant thought, To one leaving me distraught, I sit alone in the dark.
oh hi how's it going i'm fine nevermind i'm dieing inside i'm not strong enough Just too weak but i'm supposed to be strong
The thing I need, is what I fear the most. Hidden behind trees of regret, lost in a forest of worry  and need. I need freedom,          liberation,                   and space,
You take the knife and you take the blade You dig it in and draw some blood But it’s time to stop, your night is made. Listen and let the tears flood.
Do you feel like you don’t belong? Can you shake the feeling of something wrong? Do you always feel alone? Even when you talk on the telephone?
rape victims they are not crazy abuse victims they are not crazy bullying victims  they are not crazy  drug addicts and alcoholics they are not crazy  people with depression and anxiety 
i'ld take my boyfriend he is making me take him i'ld rather have sleep ... WHICH I NEVER GET ANY MORE BECAUSE OF HIM
Tears that awakened him at night already evaporated. Filled with words that aggressively stroked his nerves. We cant forgive how lonely he gets. We cant forgive his thoughts of destruction he starts to mimic.
I have a weakness, its unspeakable. My brain keeps pounding, breakable. The sounds of these voices, unreachable. The pain in my head, unbearable. Listen to me, pay attention. Look me in the eyes, dedication.
"Where have all the warriors gone? So loyal So true So bold Where have all the fighters gone? So tired So deep So cold Where have all the soldiers gone? Their stories
"Stop with the lies And the hate And the hurt Filled with their cries Cause we treat them  Like dirt A small child shies At a hand  Raised to hurt This word is not mine
"Tired of fighting  Chains that you don't see? Tired of bleeding Feeling like you cannot flee So tired of hoping For a moment of relief  Tired of searching  For the right key
" Contradicting  Try predicting  Always working Know your earning  But never learning All are hurting But the tables are turning Some are yearning For the fire burning 
"These are just words Written on a paper  You mean so much more  Than that to your savior Rocks you to the core It's quite a view changer Cause even if your poor
"You want to fit in But you don't know how Do you want to be thin And make your ribs stand out? Today's standards are It's okay to cry And bleed until you die  Make dure you have skinny thighs 
The first cry, the first laugh, the loving look in one's eyes, so much innocence behind,  just waiting for goodbye. Time goes by, hearts collide, friends and family tend to be kind, 
The World knows That there is hunger right beneath their nose Never waste food and give all you can People are dying its already began 15 million children on the daily
I am grateful for all those years I had with you For all those days I didn’t whine and cry I was just five I thought you were too cool
Please answer me back I've checked my phone a million times I want to die Am I not important enough to text back? Do I mean that little to you? I'm not asking for answers!
I don't know what to write Only that I must write I cannot understand these feelings But I need to epress these feelings Like a cry for help in another language I don't understand
Alone upon the wreckage, Broken hearts on either side, The dark distorted crater, Where my last hope came and died.   The darkness all around me, Not cut through by the light, My solo isolation,
  One thing that was said is that I was wrong Not understanding why this came about Haven’t heard something like this in so long Saying all these things they wanted all out
Don't let your guard down... Everyone is coming, hitting me left and right Fists of emotional fury, is there a way out?  How did i come in? There might be a key... but what do i have to pay to get it?
STOP! NO! LEAVE ME ALONE! I scream to you I beg you from my knees I make so much noise I cry and plead I plead to the gods the lords the people the demons the angels and you  And you all ignored me 
Worthless.helpless.Hopeless. These are the words rattling in my head As I lay down night after night  And fight the demons day after day. No rest for my weeping eyes.
Remember that time i climbed the fence?
Warning, Lost souls ahead, Do not mind their lifeless eyes and their crying into the night, They no longer sleep, Warning, Broken hearts ahead,
How can you tell, tell them they can't do well? Why can't they feel accepted anywhere out side of their home? All this discrimination caused by a single chromosome?
Some days these words you speak fly at me, attack me leaving me overwhelmed, bleeding. These weeks my heart is overloaded by your cutting tongue, your biting opinion of what is right
      Mommy the demons in my head, Just will not let me go to bed.
I almost cut the bow on my wrists
I Was... Sorrow I Was... Self Hate I Was... Without Love I Was... Suicidal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Am... Survival I Am... Without Hate I Am... Self Love I Am... Alive
So, I poem about me? Well, Me isn't the me you see. At least on the outside,that is.   Have you ever looked into the mirror and seen something you're not?
Fix my thoughts, for they aren't always pure. Fix my fuse so it's never ending. Fix my voice so it is never loud with my frustration. Fix my eyes so they do not blur.
Somewhere on the highest mountain
So here is a story about how I became oblivious to addiction with a substance I've been told was something God had gifted and a gift it was for a while at least no sense of pain and time's existance just ceased
  I sell myself short  with these small rhyming pomes I could make a da-vinci and hang it in homes   I choose humour simple simplicity
I tried so hard to stay by your side
Don't tell me you're here,
 I am... a light blub in a small abandoned house, and there is an owner,
List five miles long
So hard to wait
I sleep in nothing but a chain A short, gold chain draped on my neck It weighs on me, I feel it closing in Choking me when I am weak   My sister's bones lie beside me
I look upon the moving crowd Slowly sighing, looking down Hurting, fallen, angry, shy Now I cannot just seem to fly   I hear the Rumors in the halls Now I get unwanted calls
See I don't see See me I don't please Tell me you see Them there Using me See, no I did not come with! I was not with them I was blocks away!
Her ship is sinking, it's now 20 feet below. It's already submerged with only one place to go. Down in the murky depths where the light doesn't show. Her passion is gone, now stagnant, as the water ceases to flow.
Hurt me twice, shame on me, Right? What about the 6th time? Am i complete idiot by that Definition? Am i hurting myself And knowing that i'm doing so?
Where were you  You said you'd be here but yet your absence is pretty fucking clear. The hole you left in me is not done tearing me apart, I am slowing becoming into what I've feared the most; nothing. 
She was dying. Withering away inside herself.
A thought is all it takes
When I was twelve,  I was so down, Seemed so easy to put on a smile,Not everyone knew,
I type words and write letters I listen to sad songs and sing along I thought by now that I'd be better I know now that I was wrong    Don't say you're over me when you're not
I am alone in this.
You say I'm not alone but My tears pool And drop to the floor None next to me to hear My sobs None next to me to soothe My pain racked body The blood drips To splat on the ground
It's dark again. I used to pray I used to say it was all pretend Then no one was watching.   The lights went out My body was sucked away I couldn't go back I shouldn't go back  
How many times have I found myself like this?
My heart is a dull thud in my chest. Drained from all life, it struggles to beat once, twice,
Isn’t her smile radiant? Doesn’t it shine so bright? Can’t you see she’s happy?  
Unmanageable, need help to stop addictions,
Shes screaming out to the girl she once knew,
I'm not a hero I am not good like he was But I am alive while he is not   There is nothing like the guilt I feel Guilt that shakes me awake 3 AM   I usually wish to take your place
You all
          There's a pit
Free From everything I used to be                      Re-writing my history Picture by picture I’m finding me   I’m alright My hair plain brown, my face aged with time
She sings a song so soft and sweet But it's filled with such sadness It makes you want to cry This song lets you feel her pain And you want to scream   How can this be fair you wonder
Deepest dark brown eyes bury your pain in me now my eyes will be deep
Maybe I should just run away. If not a single soul should care, Why on earth would I stay?   I've tried everything to numb this pain. But nothing seems to kill the sadness.
My pictures have been fake for years My eyes don't sparkle like they used to I try to drown out my mind with music and drinks My heart and soul don’t quite work right I'm hurting on the inside  
The tears that are surfacing upon my eyes and leaving glistening trails of a salty substance are not there for the comfort you had given me.
Tears cascade down the young, broken girl's face
Selfish, i
Oddly amusing No really, truly.   A voice akin to honey as it falls Yet a laugh of a hyena when it calls.   Amber skin,  With hazel eyes.   One who values virtue,
College what a magical place.
I smile  post Then continue cutting   What would mom say? post And finish my drink    We pose  post  You beat in my temples   Find inspiration P O S T 
I was broken beyond repair my heart dissapated into air.
What can you expect me to do? After always telling me I'm so little, so few. I'm never enough, not for you.
She searches for something to fill her soul, everyday digging a deeper hole, a
There was a smell of suicide in the air tonight.
I am a shadow. I am a spore. I am a seed. I have not grown yet, but among my millions of siblings, I don't think I'll stand out much.
It's going to be hard you know. I know. You'll probably pay student loans until you're fifty. I know. These classes you want to take are rigourous. I know. Housing isn't free you know. I know.
The Bystander  
I hope I forget your eyes And that I couldn't look way. I hope I forget your smile Because it makes me wish you'd stay.   I hope I never call you  When its late and I can't sleep.
They float in a cataclysm of nothing wanting more My mind is trapped and wanting nothing but to soar As I sit and think these idyllic thoughts you come to me and the hurt starts So I close that door wanting to cry no more
 Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Breathe in then breathe out Pitch black   The smell outside Is the smell of a future Thrown away into the depths
I am drawing a line incredibly thin across my chest, longer than my arms that quiver, beneath all of it beneath all of it thin thinner I become thin thinner my hair falls
I'm a pest, And I'm a thief. Though, I do not mean no harm, I disturb your peace. But can you give me my peace? Can you give back what you took from me? Only half is fine.
When others dont DESERVE grace, When they NEED a friendly face, Go out and FORGIVE them. Make them FEEL like a jem, This can KEEP them from disgrace And in return treat you with GRACE.
Nothing EPIC to write about, clean and sober. Wondering just how much longer until this hell is over. No visions of riches no dreams of fame, no delusions of grandger and nothings the same. The pounds I put on are supposed to be healthy.
  So some of my friends recently asked me, want to go swimming today? And I gave them a foul, foul look, and stated without delay No. I clearly don’t want to swim in the pool so you can go play
Gems and Dimonds and most of the lot are smeared and bruised  by life's dirty plots so thus we gems  so thus we diamonds work from dust to bring new light  we are not perfect
Grab the outstretched hand. Take it now. You never know when your strength will give out. Believe.
Sadness blankets me  like a dark mist a book in hand is all i have the words within are bliss   sweet and comforting are the words for my broken, aching heart
Knowing that you are alright my future always looks forever so bright
Girls. Overpriced makeup. It Differentiates those who want to be from those who... Are?
He asks "what's that on your arm?" I say nothing. He leans in to touch it. My body twists away, so he asks again. "What's that on your arm?" "Just a scar."
I can't control my brain The pain makes me feel insane And I don't need you opions, on my feelings You can't imagine what it feels like To wonder why you're broken You can't imagine what it feels like
they look at her with big bright eyes little do they know she rages inside they look at her like she's an angel sent from above little do they know she's far from being jesus white dove
I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, To see who I am and wonder if I need to change.  The media shows us that we are  inferior, That without being slim and muscular we are strange.
Tired Eyes, and broken vessels..  Crimson streaks, and open wounds... No escape for me, only the passion I once had. No will left to fight, no life left to live 
The way my hair falls on my shoulder, the mole on my right leg,  and my hairy knuckles just make me flawless. The scars on my feet, the way my stomache folds, and my bushy eyebrows make me flawless.
Brown and White walls Confinment everywhere for all eyes to see and stair Thirteen girls five room Quiet and afraid of ourselves We are here for a reason We want to die
The feeling of depression bogs you down, all the negatives are collapsing over and over again. No one is there, and no one can help, No one knows you, and you are all alone.
Imagine this You're in a room with no doors, windows, or anyway of escape. The room is filling with smoke and its becoming harder and harder to see and breathe.
falling through, walking around  time on my hands  the long days and night ' im still confused on my daily days  make it worth while, sleeping peacefully im wasting my time  time on my hands 
Be strongNothing ever last for longIt wouldn't last forever you knewBut its okay he still cares about youJust hold on to your heart for nowWipe the sweat from your brow
i am who i am because i do what i say and what i feel. the question isnt where am i stopping but who is going to stop me . 
I said i'm going to rise to the top of the mountain....wait wait wait... I said I'm going to rise to the top of the mountain. Stand on this stage declaring my Name,say. Because I am a king, ayee.
Who is this youth? A lie hides the truth  small truths hide big lies  Who is this youth?
The environment is fragile, And we're on the gradual decline and in the stare of mind were losing the battle we are going down instead of up, so how are we going to shape up?
  Excuses- that’s all you say you hear  excuses for not following rules, I’m a person not a tool excuses for my own belief, you don’t like when I speak what I think
Close your eyes, Close your eyes and breathe. This can’t be me, This isn’t happening to me. But it is. And you can’t help it, But what did you do? Why you? The weight is over bearing,
  Waiting for time to pass Staring at a half empty glass Who is right Who is wrong No one has the answer
I am in a room alone Full of friends here to help me  As they move place to place, I remain succombed to any new help or  change Because the small white ovals are already working to
Hold it. Girl, hold the smile. Hold the pain for a little while. A while longer,  and they'll see... But then fear gets the best of me. Hold it. Must hold them up.
"You'll be happy."             it wispers. "I undestand."            it tells me. "It all will go away"             it explains. "They'll move on"              it says.
Pay no attention to the woman behind the  mask. She's just an  illusion of smoke and mirrors, of pulsing lights and   then she's gone.   Pay no attention
It's not darkness; there's no lightswitch
My name is Jahmire, I'm at a point in my life where I must face my fears and remove  the bitter taste of tears. Time to look in the mirror, emotionally see things clearer, finish my intellectual and moral education and be something pure.
The bustle of people, yeah classes are starting again.
Tick, tock, dark thirty, the clock summons the block Smoke funneled, now comes around in the name of honor
I don't think that I can see it as well as other people You can do it again and again for centuries Checking my work My new job Making costumes Doing makeup The only thing that can make me happy
Now I lay myself to sleep Pray my dreams weren’t meant to keep If they’re here to slit my throat Pray true friends won’t hear me croak  
A simple smile acting as a barrier Preventing the world to understand hardships, heartbreaks, hurt. Daily life is a chore no matter how many times it's repeated difficulty, depression, danger
Just Tryna stay sain before my mind becomes slain from my hearts eruption.
One day I'll make it big One day I'll be remembered One day I'll stand strong like the cold trees in December My arms will ache My legs will shake and just about all of me will probably break
The Path
There are broken things in this world Things torn assunder by apposing forces And in the end Someone, somewhere, always wants to fix it No matter how small Or how large There's a smiling human
How can we be expected to help each other
Made of steel, built out of sweet blood, and salty tears Creating the barrier of a lifetime, to guard all your fears
They say it is hard, You think you can manage, But it takes a bit, To really see the damage.   We were packed to leave, Very eager to go,
I just want to help everybody Save the world But at times it gets overwhelming;
We are both a litte messed up, a little dead in the head. We both have messed up lives that no one seems to care about, but can we care about eachother's? I help you, and you help me.
Frost thinks the world will end with ice,Or maybe heat and flames.I think the world will end with us,Mother Gaia would be ashamed.
I'm hungry, but not for food Instead I'm hungry for the drugs that fill my stabbing emptiness Drugs that make me stop shaking, but only keep me waiting For someone to understand it's a part of me
The walls she built she thought it'd save the way she hides the creatures from outside   The noise she makes bounce off the walls and don't go through like usually
This poem is directed towards my eldest brother... who has been on a heavy drug addiction for the past year. He has a 5 year old son who he barely sees and has got himself in a lot of trouble with the law. Hour Glass of Tracks
Someone please save me I'm heading nowhere at all Save me from myself
"Worthless, good for nothing, immature, You don’t know what you are doing with your life." Everyday I hear things like this, Things meant to bring me down Things that are supposed to hurt me.
He is a Latino Boy
Ongoing War
  Hello, hello, is there anyone here. Please hear my cries if there’s anyone there. Oh dear God, what have I done?
“Can I please have a ride?” It’s a simple enough question. But laced with barbed wire. A huge favor to me A way for me to work But an inconvenience to you. A chore
"The horror, the horror!" They cry; yet what does it matter? They hide their faces even as the world Did THEN.
Ribbons wide Ribbons red  Ribbons running 'cross the bed.   Ribbons long. Ribbons short. Ribbons reaching for your heart.   Ribbons old. Ribbons new.
Imagine, during the first few months of when you first understood what words, languange, and feelings were you were called ugly. Imagine how for the next years of your life you were reminded of how ugly you were.
From a distances I'm just like you Get to know me and I'm a little differet
I think about how we used to be Then I get stuck in my misery I still remember the way you used to look at me & how all those feelings came free  But now things will never be the same
What I wouldn't give to be heard. The people that surround me treat me like a bird. Yes I can fly and chirp, but all that will never be what they're worth.
    Silence of beauty and scent  Quite as a beast actions 
Help make my world come to a halt. Solid, you held me when I fought. Even when all is deemed my fault, keep the world whole when it seems wrought. And though taken with a grain of salt,
Get me out of here. I’m afraid of what could happen.   The mistakes, The silver gleam, The blood, The pain…   I’m afraid of what I might do. I’m afraid of Myself.
In over a month I will no longer be here,
Even though you were my whole garden, I was merely a rose in yours   At first, I thought flowers were beautiful
That sounds like it nears the Land ofImposible. It's not that I can't write-most people have impaired eyes that make it
Maybe you fall down sometimes Maybe the voices speak up again Maybe you get lost easily Maybe you don’t have to have everything figured out Maybe… Maybe some days are harder than others
These are your hands and This is how you tell the world you’re not all bad These are your wrists, those are your scars, This is your story This is how you dodge the shattered glass around your feet
Sometimes it occurs to me That everything I struggle with Is because of you You will never wear a welcome mat As well as the porch steps And now I struggle To answer my front door
Let me tell you what bullying is Bullying is mean words that get under your skin And the only way to get them out is By tearing open your arms and legs and extracting them
Open skys, please open Wide. Hold my wings and allow me to glide. Take my pain that I hide. And bring through the clouds a brand new tide.
I'm the man in the sky  I watch you with my hazy eyes Take my hand I'll set you free Step into my reality   Here there ain't a ceilin' with walls
Dragon Slugs Shakespeare said expectation is the cause of all heartache that’s just simply not true There is no cause of heartache; it is truly unavoidable, expectations or not
Hear me out. Because I'm breaking. I don't know if you're listening to me Maybe you're just hearing me. Mom Dad Sister Friend Everybody Help me. I M F
I'm going back to school for degree number two, but financial aid has run out,oh no, what should I do?
One of my old poems:   Sometimes I feel like a puppet, Pulled along in another's hands Obeying the orders to do this or do that My every rebellion already orchestrated
The devil only knows of this 
this isnt right.
How did I get here? This isn't who I am. I've lost every God damn moral even ones I didn't have.
Initially I was a Marketing
He sits on his bed and stares at the wall. “Faggot”, “Weak”, “Loser” He’s heard it all. No escape, no escape. He must get out. His eyes flitter about And fall on the gun in his hands.
Too young to make life decisions. Too old to depend on mom. Wandering on the uncertained journey of life independently.
Like a puppet with ripped strings I hang limp from a tree that is rooted in bad seeds. I have no direction and no recollection of anything but the present. Everything else is blocked out and I always want to shout.
From High and Rich
I'm going to wing it I'm going to say a little prayer I'm going to wish on the first star I see I'm going to wing it I'm going to make sure that I do my best I'm going to make sure I'm above my rest
I wake up every morning thankful to be alive A brain unlike any other im different yet alive My thoughts questions why im alive
Counselor: How bout we start by you telling be about yourself ME:  *sigh* So where do it start?
After nine long, strenuous months their eyes finally meet. She can’t resist but to cradle her in her arms.
  Questions   Do I love myself? Who knows? Do I love others? Who knows? Why am I here? Only God knows
Backround: The girl’s family has had a lot of problems. Still trying to find her way, she has to deal with her family’s problems and mistakes daily.  
They say that it all gets better in the end   That your worries fade
Happy Birthday! You are born Happy Graduation! You are an adult Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior year of college...gone $20,000 debt...not terrible, not great 22 years old going for a doctorate
I am fine, we say, Why would I ever want  to change the way I see myself everyday? We say.   It's supposed to work like that, we say. I'm supposed to act like that, we say.
I have a mirror. It’s broken The girl I see in the mirror is not me. I am young I am beautiful.
Is it because me and my gurl dropped out Our sophmore year of high school, for becoming 16 yr. parents? Was it us taking that risk? Or was it life we decided to miss?
Fear and fear the grades are coming,the destiny awaits and depends on it,your grades will decide if you are worth loving,work hard and study so you can earn profit.
Fear and fear the grades are comingthe destiny awaits and depends on it,your grades will decide if you are worth loving,Work hard and study so you can earn profit.
This is the day when I lost all I had, The day when my world fell apart. The only thing left was the sliver of light, 
Three hund
if i had a cigarette
  My images were distorted, a played out fiction book of torn pages and darken memories. A scripture that I will never forget,
The worst thing about depression is, you don't care about anything.   I don't care if my father knows I hate him for all he has done The tears, the tourtue.
Sun beats down on soft green grass,
I have given you everything. Now I feel as if everything that I have given you Is being thrown away.
I feel like I'm falling, into an inevitable destiny of disapointment.  Full of empty black space. No one in sight, nothing but space.  Chances are, I'll face the world alone. 
I am white
Goverment For you we must excel But, how can we without the proper funds
We are not bound by blood yet nothing can separate us I do not know you since birth yet our energies tell a different story
Every man’s life ends the same is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another..People fear death even more than’s strange that they fear the point of death,the pain is over..Do n
voice mono toned, deaf to all ear. unable to relent nor express deep fear controlled by all sides of other people expressions able to listen but unable to be heard words struggle to escape the mind 
Stuck in a time where people are confused, Fail to tell the difference Between every mood, Mistaking lust for love And no longer can tell Right from wrong,
Every step a little weaker Every breathe a little harder
Steamy hands on the window pane She takes a breath and slips away Pulled by hands of a sick step-father Iron bars built all around her   She threw herself to the men she saw
    laid out spread like butter on the ground.      i'm melting. yellow self bubbling  as i seep into the ground. through eyes that barely see but  straight ahead,
so many different places so many different faces so many people in despair so many places in need of repair are you willing to share with those in despair stop making infrences
Damn, I miss you.   I  cannot belive this happened. Why can't you be alive and well?   I miss you so much.    Ever since that day almost a year ago, I've been hallow.   
Not because your fingers don’t twitch as you shove them in your pockets, hungry under the nails for my skin.
The worst thing you want to be is a failure in life To put down the people in your life and here them whisper "lowlife" To constantly show no improvement over and over To be confronted and insulted 
No one ever said life was gonna be easy You learnt that way too early in life You carry yourself in a way that says "I'm fine" when in reality we both know you're lying to yourself
I feel like I’m drowning In a sea of people, Whose thoughts and ideas Overpower mine.   I’m just one person With thoughts and ideas that seem far too alien, too simplistic.
What is Society? Society is a group of people who set a standard and everyone that is affected by that standard is apart of that society. 
To write each night and da
A walk along the beach..A whisper in the wind..Without these things, I could no longer pretend.A hike among the trees..A nap in a meadow..I'm never followedby your ominous shadow.
My mind Is an exploding world of trips and triggers A field Of mines and trenches, warring colors And emotions. Motion blurs and lines, and ideas! But YOU tell me my mind is a hole
Growing up I never noticed that I was different. 
Your so curvy and smooth and you catch peoples eyes when you come into a room But so far with you I can't even look your way Everytime I see you I know i'm not okay..
Listening. Ears wide open. Words traveling through my circuits Transforming words into feelings. I try to understand what you’re going through
The lights are shining The voices are singing I’m smiling like a thrilled child on the first day of kindergarten I love this I want to do this I want to sing like there is no tomorrow
There is always someone watching over you, 
When you slip the rope around your throat,No o
God, I just want to know your plan. I want to be able to count the number of setbacks I will have on my fingers. I want to know if my heart will still have to endure more pain. I want to know if I'll get divorced too.
Looking down on a lovely lady,
Each and every day is like another Over again, her life is on replay So much like a broken record player It can always break her heart to pieces And bring seas raining from her eyes
She hides in the shadows, this girl I’ve seen,
I asked you if you needed help and Luckily I came just in time. Next thing you know we were watching movies, cuddling, and talking it up after nine.
You do this for me, You do that for me. But it’s not all you. I do help you. I swear darling. It’s not all you.   A relationship must be push; And pull.
Speaking. Laughing. Whispering.  We soon take for granted what comes naturally for us. What's that? A Stroke? Diagnosis of Parkinsons?
I'm so confused The hurt inside me is so surreal I can't escape it It just follows me constantly Growing, growing I feel myself suffocating I just want to be good enough
  when i was little i wrote even though my hands could barely reach over the keyboard without stumbling and tripping on each other, each word; each of
Standing on the sidelines, Never really seen Athletic Trainers are the backbone Of the whole teamWe wrap hurt wrists and anklesWe cover up your cuts No matter how much pain you're in
When you pass down the streets in Chicago, Cleveland, and Atlantic City, you see it in their eyes. They’re not yet sixteen, acting eighteen, Driving their moms up a wall when they don’t come home for supper.
The therapy didn't put things in perspective and the pills don't make me happy The pain still hurts and the tears still come I'm broken inside and I can't find all the pieces
I got ideas on my mind,  but not a single dime to stop this. Everyday that I see oh man, suddenly i feel compelled to give. They walk the streets. No baths or money to eat. What do I do?
  Give a baby a hundred-dollar bill She’ll shove it in her mouth And immediately spit it out Because she’d rather suck her own thumb She hates the taste of strangers’ fingers That is just gross to her
the faggot in the reflection of my space helmet visor is my only friend. with shaggy shorn hair and big eyes and a hollow cheek bone that holds in my silent tongue. i have etched lessons in my skin, leaving silver lines
We can only give to others
Education is the key Learn, discover, explore and play So that you can be who you want to be   Education is a privilege Not everyone has the chance Just look at a third world village  
Let’s just think If there is one thing that could be changed The thing to be changed would be drastic It would affect many people and many countries
To help save a life tears are shed all good and bad, so many different sizes all of the utmost importance;
I know That I am So Fucking Lucky. I have no fears Of coming home To fists and belts To bruises and welts  And tongues Sharp as knives, and just as cold. No fears of hunger
White turns to black. Hearts began to crack. Eyes filled with salty tears, one of their biggest fears. Open casket, scared to see. A young girl staring back at me. For then I knew, the girl looking back, was me. - A.B
Battle scars and broken armor That's how I see you A beautiful soul in a ravaged body With nothing there's hope, without hope there's nothing
I remember the day, Back when it was all games, Back when nothing was gray And all you had to learn were names.   The years went by, The classes got harder.
He is popping pills Trying to get rid of the pain But all people seem to realize Is that he's an idiot and completely insane   Harassed on a daily basis He can't seem to get off the crazy train
The cold winter shiver trickles down my spine Soft winds brush against my visage A faint glow in the twilight as an obsidian darkness drapes over the world My over-worked hands, calloused and frozen
Miles of walking The privileged get in steps
I wish I were many things,  but to be many things I would need to be a writer. A writer creates what they want to see and feel.
Usually I write to a rhythm or a beat any time I need to speak on a problem that I meet. But one thing in particular, I think is apt to change, is how colleges will do anything to catch some change.
When I become a lawyer, I will make my contributionsTo the field of law and society by giving a free consultation. Things happen in life that people can’t always control.So I know you'll need someone to console.
We are so focused on teaching our young people to dream that we forget to teach them how to reach these things
Waking up every morning to the same tune Thinking about leaving this place from morn till noon Stumbling out of bed thinking of who to impress 
Having the power to make the weak stronger Noone deserves to be made little I would tell the homeless to seak a job And they would find one I would lend them a hand to help them Off the ground
Music Is My Life, Let The Lyrics Be My Spirit,  The Melody's My Emotion,  So I'm Hoping That You Hear It, Music Is My Passion, To That I'm Truly Dedicated, I've Been Chasing My Education, 
they found he razor in the shower today because i forgot to take it out. thye looked at me with dissipointed eyes today but ppretentded they knew nothing about.   they heard me gagging in the bathroom today
Cold, frim, lifeless, Laying on cold steel, Water trickles down the drain, Washing the dirty away.   Incisions are made, Inspection makes way, Hunting for the cause, Success.  
If anything could come to mind, a job, the best that I could find, I'd take my passion- heart and soul, just to help a family grow. No matter how much time it takes late night hours with no sleep,
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
  If I could change anything it'd be the world. If I could change the world I'd make it a better place. If I could change the world I'd benefit the entire human race.
What good would Earth be,
One: The one lie that everyone gets fed from the moment they are born to the moment they die is the one th
Sun is shinning  Sky is clear  I'm Sitting by the ocean wishing you were here  Fish jumping crabs walking But still I need you right here  
Sitting up at night, brick by brick I let my barrier down. In the light of the moon I sit in silence and cry. I've let the world get to me once again.
A disease, That no ones knows, But it stings like bees, Yet still no one sees.   My father, Has this curse, He looks at his daughter, She knows it hurts.  
didn't make the teamlast one to be pickedkicked to the curbbefore the chance was givento be all you could bewith the support of a familynow your homeless
Time is short I took the pills And now it's time for you to know what I do when I'm down, or my tank is running low         I write. I write every snowy day And every summer night.
bands and bangles
Her hair frames her face in tarnished-golden wringlets barely going past her shoulders her face, long, glowing with  elegance and grace  her eyes, an aqua blue so light in tint
This is for the girl
to say who I am feels like betrayal, for I’m never the same person twice   and oh how lovely it is to know I’m never who I was before   and for each
A girl oceans away Crying away oceans Absolutely perplexed at the notion That hundreds and thousands of lives can be lost All of them taken as if they have no cost The slash of a neck
Life itself, Is our biggest challenge, yet our best competitor, which makes us unbalanced   As children, Were born with “life” as our Inspiration
Bridges tumble before our eyesOur foundation giving wayAnd all that we cherishedIt’s been falling apart for a while 
Bridges tumble before our eyesOur foundation giving wayAnd all that we cherishedIt’s been falling apart for a while 
What would you consider calm? Maybe a tropical palm Or a vibrant butterfly on an infant’s Sprouting hair Yet even a single tulip Amidst the life that’s bare Or a teeming cub
He cries alone in the hall holding himself. He wonders how kids could be so crule.he wishes he could stop the teasing. He wants to put this all behind him stuff the memory on the highest shelf. "HOW DO WE STOP THIS!?" he asks.
The salty tears  trickling down her face These numerous times can't be erased The words that have been said Bitch, slut, ugly, fat Would you laugh at that? Would you follow the others
I'm drowning. I hear this everyday, not with words But through their eyes they scream out to me...I'm so alone. They need me, but I am helpless. I will love them, but the battle
You think the world changing
Once upon a time I was living so carefree,
I forgot to eat,
Transcript......Check Letters of Recommendation.....Check Application.....Check Finances.....Check Acceptance.....Check Happiness.....Pending
I need to get better I HAVE to get better             but why? I need to get better for my sister                                         for my mom                                             for my dad
I'm drowning. Weighed down under the surface of the sea, bubbling, gushing into everything.
Innocence captured by the hands of evil,                    A life stolen, that can never be returned.
  The guards stand at attention At your perpetually locked gate
  Ha! Remember when you hit that blunt for breakfast that morning? You thought you were on cloud 9 until you found yourself hitting rock bottom by lunch.
There are some days when all I see is the color grey. Full of smoke, full of smog Full of emptiness in the world that's sorrounded with disgusting fog.   You feel it, so do I 
I saw your work of art today, And they say behind every artist there is a story,  behind every painting, an emotion.  So, why do you feel this way? How much pain did it take to make that Masterpiece?
Let my words trickle into the cracks of your resolve And flush out the stubbornness I see your problems and with my actions I try to solve
I can relate to those who do not consider themselves' a morning person,
Live on your knees or die on your feet; Abandon your liver or devour your lungs. Love none and have none to love back so will you Die on your knees or live on your feet?
We live in a world of the sun. The light casting eternal shadows Down, Down, Down, Until it hides us who aren't brave enough to shine.  
German Boy “I love you” Silence “I love us” More silence “I need you” A terrifying
I want to disappear, fade out to black To become one with nature The calm, the tranquility, the comfort   I want to be lost, hidden in the trees
But who's going to love meyou only write once So make these words count but When all tears are wiped awaywhen all the scars are fadingwhen the wounds are healing  You only write once
A book asked me once: If you could take a pill that would make you need only two hours of sleep a day would you take it? And I said: I don’t know
I dream of a fun life, A life full of friends who care A life that is lived to the fullest. Before that can happen, College must happen. Before I reach the life I want to live
i slide it across my wrist showing some brightness to my dark life my heart races as the pain deepens i cry out, but not in misery but for the numbness taking over i gasp for breath
One- It seems so small, tiny, miniscule But one can mean tremendous things One person can do so much.    One person can become the voice of a generation
In the midst of all madness one thing will stay true a future,a purpose, for me and for you. Each person, each problem, so big or so small will only push you to the point of it all.
I think of endless days and short nights I think of powerful blades and deep slashes I think of everything and nothing but all that comes out is air and I don't know how or why but I thought of you
Does nobody care? Can nobody hear The calls of the dying and hungry, Poor and restless with fear?                       How can we be content with our actions, Yet achieve no satisfaction
I shudder as my foot is shaken from the sweet dreams I endured as I slept  A beautiful, peaceful, loving Mexican American girl waking up to her hardworking father’s sweet words “Wake up Baby”
This is her prison cell These walls are her hell, Making her go crazy, Telling her maybe, This life of bitterness,
She cries softly, Tears drive down her cheek. Hopelessness fills her body greatly, And she fears the next encounter. How shall she escape,
I have nine scars on my hand I am a hard working man Or at least i thought Until I met that girl named Jazz She work two jobs and go to class Party's hard and never crash
Starting a new chapter every morning  of my life   I seek improvement, reverence and connectivity    MY LIFE!      I walk on thin ice made of doubt...
You only write once that's what they say,
I get a lot more than i give So many broken promises Piled next to the bible on my night stand Its getting hard to live When i fall every time i stand So I'd rather crawl to God's right hand I can
It started in my heart It migrated to my head It filled me with fear Of going to bed
Once they said I couldn't do it I believed They said I was a mistake and I wouldn't achieve   Are you serious? Why shouldn't I believe Haha listen I will never back down
School and Prision They're one and the same They change people's minds one day at a time School and prison There is no real difference They both make people want to escape reality  
So much rage, we don't know how to be but angry So much pain, we pry, "please don't let anyone change me!" In a sea full of people The church steeples Rises... The Hawaiian flag lowered
I scream for life to hear me, Waiting for my dreams to become reality, I just want to be heard,
 She cries into the nightAs she heads for the skyHer face is full of PainShe has nothing to gain. She cries herself to sleep
I am from the ancient foreign lands of Misawa, Japan Of the culture that flow haikus embraces the elegance of nature chime, Born of Mary and Mike who raise me to be an American dime. I am from grip tapes and paints,
Oh no!  Not now that it's so late... There's so much catching up to do. How exhausting! What a mess!  How will we ever fix it all? And Life says, "Only where entropy exists, do we, too."
I try and I try to be perfect for you.
Head dropped, eyes drawn to the ground A little boy too afraid to make a sound Blood colors his swollen eye But still his cheeks remain dry   Laughs echo down the hall Worsening his never ending fall
My soul is like an empty sock Cold and pleading for a foot. But my soul is allergic to feet So it weeps at night for the homeless grass.   I also like to watch the moon smile at the stars.
The bright ominous light as you leave the warmth and comfort of your mother’s womb You are spanked as if a reminder you are now a part of society Society A strange place isn’t it? – Yes?
See, I'm not really sure what to say. 
    Bringing among us the most unpredictable sensations,
Thank you. No, really, thank all of you. In this society with it's walls of condemnation, For those of us who aren't as great as the best of you,
My cousin Amber My cousin was Beautiful My cousin was funny My cousin was young My cousin was the best My cousin can't be replaced My cousin is gone forever My cousin was the one and only
Let's all admit: Reality is boring What I don't get Is why life is so corny? We spend everyday The exact same way Either being a bum Or working away That's not me
Don't tell me you're sorry If it takes my blood Dripping to the floor For you to notice   You're not truly sorry You're just desperate For a quick relief  
Happiness is a virtous gift Life of how we want to live to breathe and act  with a sense of joy and happiness although times change feelings move swiftly with the wind bring me back to that day
Corn field
A thousand times I've pictured myself walking across that stage; Eyes filled with tears and a smile glistening with pride.
            I am lost.             Now Teacher, I don’t have time for your ramblings             Teacher, I don’t need your downcast looks             Teacher, stop talking. Listen
I woke up today Feelings were obscured My tears have not found a way Out, now I feel void of emotion I feel empty and blank
Teaching and helping Opening doors for the kids Of our bright future    
Hey, teach, I wanted you to know something I wanted to tell you all about the kind of shit I’ve been through over the years How I’ve seen the inside of the psychiatric ward and made friends with the other kids there
Where will they be when you need them the most... Where will anyone be when you desire companionship to feel remotely close to another being. The only voice you will find in the silence
He walks with    his leather jacket slumped over     his shoulders          and his violet backpack          swinging violently          from   his shoulders. His mouth is   a motor,
I can hear what you say but My mind is so distracted Thinking about living in a room full of strangers Thinking about if I will ever have a place to call home
A girl is dreaming bout the day she won't wake up screaming How can she feel like drowning while everyone else is beaming? Perfect family, perfect body, they're all cheating
So me and my statistics teacher have this thing where I ask  something, and he gives me a sarcastic answer. Yeah, it's not funny. "Hey Mr.Jones, can I use the bathroom?" Whatever makes you happy Treasure.
Welfare! Welfare! Give me Welfare! Child one, two,  three!-that's three thousand dollars for me! I'll sit at home and watch TV Forget my children and let them be I seem so sad What I'm doing is so bad
An idea pops into your head. It roams around speaking of great dreams, they seem real. Every time those eyes close, the darkness comes, that life comes to life.
Memories are all so vivid for me
All I hear is speaking in a monotone voice, sitting here with my elbows crossed 'cause I have no choice. My summer days were filled with sunshine and carefree living, while sitting in this classroom gives me a chilling.
Sometimes its like I have no idea what
They say that this is how my body should look My hips, like this My breasts, like that My legs can’t be too thin or too thick, My stomach should be flat, and my bottom round  
Society has told her she is fat. But, she is beautiful. She is only average, her teacher said that. But, she is a genius. Her peers think that she has no friends.
Never have I seen such great perfectionThe only thing I need is your affection.That smile of yours "could end wars and cure cancer"To all my worries you're the answer.
You called me baby I melted like snow in April sunlight consumed by your blue eyes you captured my arms pushed me down as  I screamed no But you covered my mouth as you called me baby 
I'll always remember a cold snowy morning in December. I awoke before seven and ran down stairs and sat by the pine tree.
I was always told to dress the part so I put on my costume. A white collared shirt,  A skirt to my knees  And a mask of a forced smile Along with a face covered in pounds of makeup,
The ship sat anchored to the shore The captain, skipper, and crew working at her core Sails being raised and decks being scrubbed
In the absence of a father she's naive.Subject to believe anything that a man says.Subject to looking for love in all of the wrong places.Subject to giving her love, in more ways than one, too soon.
I never knew love could make you do crazy things until I met this boy,
life. life is a chanllage everyone must face. some good some bad. life can change in an instant. life can go both ways wether you want it to or not.  life at times can be a bit of a mystery.
When you spend your life with someone You gain a special feeling of respect. That feeling is what I’ve found in you
Some things happen that I can’t explain.
I am from the Rockies moutain, from tall buildings to small houses, I am from the branch of Carmen and Clemente, from glue and paste to crayons and markers, I am the Jaquez blood i carry,
I really hate poetry, but I do like haikus. What was I saying?
Its coarse taut roots embedded themselves within my chest, making it harder to finish my quest. Its icy cold petals blossomed within,
As I walk through the hallways everyday, I am completely surrounded. I am overwhelmed by a sea of strange people and faces, Though some are familiar, I always have nothing to say.  
Life is like a girl with mood Swings you love her but sometimes you hate her  She is sweet and warm But at times she can be as cold as a winters breeze She is full of mysteries that you can explore 
Put down the knife Let down your hair Abandon those thoughts You're no longer there   I was there Watching from above Answering your prayers Sending my love  
Little girl don’t listen to that mean voice, little girl suicide isn’t the only choice. Little girl
Before reality hits you, problems are small, issues fixable, and faults  acceptable. Everything easily  correctable.  Before reality hits you, life seems easy; no regret no fear no pain. 
I’ve spent so much of my life trying to conform to what others want me to be. To the stereotypes, the expectations, the judgments. And at the end of the day,
once upon a time I liked to press my fingers into the sides of my neck because it helped keep me quiet when I heard all the bad trying to sneak into my brain but as I grew and grew
  Can’t you see my eyes are pouring?
To be the one that you dont see. To see the world from  the other sea. I try to fight, but your too strong to  beat.
Bananas are like a summers moon soft, yet bright, colorful and  delicate. They are edible boomerangs. A magnificent fruit inside a single peel. Its peel is its
Vague expressions,
They say global warming is a hoaxI say... "thats insanely wack"I am sitting here, trying to convince you allTrying to get you join my one man wolfpack
Punches and bruises, Laughter never seems to come my way. Yelling, screaming, No one seems to hear me.   Day by day, I wish life will end. Then somthing happens.  
Walking down the hallways Seeing these faces of sadness The broken hearts, plastered on the sleeves Of forgotten ones, of lost loves.  Seeing people hurt, slammed against lockers,
I hear voices Go see the school psychologist I am not eating anything Go see the nurse I am cutting myself Go see a guidance counselor I am pregnant Go see Planned Parenthood
Fat Girl in the buffet line,Fills half of her plat
High school has taught me lessons Both small and significant I have met people like myself Hopefully one day I'll benefit I've networked and networked, trying to find the help that I need
Waves crash against the shore, A storm is on its way. I cling to my desk in a bitter hope That it will all pass over me.   But as they walk by, Their lightning strikes— Cold, hard stares
Every day I am in your classroom You call my name and occasionally speak to me out side of class But what you don't know and can not see The cuts that run deep The knife in my side
blistered skin, that whispers flayed. my life, a cage, to which I'm chained. Haunting voices, following close, the creeping utterances, my subtle foe. feet trimmed by velvet,
I am from being enclosed aloneFrom lying in bed listening to musicFrom light shining in my mirrorFrom wanting peace and quiet to readI am from home where I like to be alone
  Words. Words have power. Words can build you up, Up, higher, higher, Till you feel as if You are in the stars. But words can also Pull you down, pulling You down so deep, that
“Conform to be like me,” they say, “You have no necessary need to be like you.” “There is no better way to play, Than the wondrous way I do.”   But what if I want to be dangerously diverse,
Have you ever looked up and seen the sky blood red? Turned to look at your best friend to find cuts up and down every inch of his body, deep and screaming. Never ending.  His lips pale white, his finger black and dripping; the bright green that on
You've got me pacing back and forthYou've got me doubting what I'm worthThis is it now, I'm all throughI'm living my life and it's not for you
I met a girl made of silver Her eyes shone like mirrors You could glimpse your soul in them But you could never match hers   She told me about her dreams I looked the other way
Look at you sitting behind that desk, acting all high and mightyWe are not your toys to fuck withWe are human beingsWe are teenagers, hormonal brats that need help during this crucial time 
I need money, and i say this with all seriousness. I need money, I am alone in this world I have no home in this world will i beg, no, but i will ask, please give me a dollar,  will you give no, because you assume.
Hold me down, Like an anchor You keep me at bay, Save me from the dark waves That try to pull me under Secret caves, You're the light that directs Me to the safehaven,
To hear, if only I could hear. To hear those words so soft and fruitful. To hears suchwords when I am youthful. Time goes by and so does this rhyme, but riddle me this,
Notice me No wait  Don't I need help  But I can't Won't Ask for it  Your damn sense of superiority  Makes it impossible .  You don't bother to question our understanding
Day by day We wake up What do we say?   Day by day We get out of bed All the words we say Are just made up in our head   Day by day We paint a picture of ourselves
I see you walk down the hallway Staring at the ground dully When you lean your head up you give a weak smile I can see the pain in your bleak eyes You look like all the happiness was whipped out of your brain
Teacher you went and got a degree,  so why wont you just help me?  I ask a few questions, you say I should, so why is it so hard? I wish i understood. 
It's just another day, still hanging by a thread. When I open my eyes, to see a pillow and a bed.Where I lay my head, I think to myself thank god I'm still alive and not found dead.
We all cry for help don't we? We are in need of help for every little trouble or bump along the way in our path. But there are others in the world and in our communites that are in BIGGER trouble and they need OUR help.
What the hell is your problem? cant you see I need help with this problem but you ignore me I hate you u always pass me up and then you wonder why i dont turn in my work like you give a f*ck
Still pulchritudinous, I can see you now, No Mystery here; nor why or how, ~ The color of perfume caressing your arms, This damn velvet scent will never change,
I want to scream, scream, scream at the top of my lungs in anguish because I need to know that everything's okay. I'm afraid. I'm so afraid of something. I can't craft words around it. I just need your approval.
How are you still here? Jon, how are you still here through all my pain and all my tears, through all of the fears I've laid out right before you? I delved into my heart and rambled on
There she goes, falling Down into the unconquerable abyss Lost inside herself There’s no escaping The terrible monsters that live in her soul They lurk in the looming blackness
the words flood around me become part of me people laugh in school calling me freak and others words but into my skin forever scaring me   i go through everyday wondering, hopping
You sit in the front while we're stuck in the back,  what is this lesson on? oh yeah, you don't even know.. You're whack! I'm trying to learn will you please teach? "Child sit down, quit being a leach!"
I believe in harsh standards I believe that all females should look the same. Females should not have hips Female's ribs should be exposed. If females are as thin as a rail, They are the ones I display.
You always say "don't confuse success with wealth" so would you shut up about your salary? You chose the teaching life, the teaching life did not choose you.
"Are you happy?" my therapist asks me. "I do not know." I reply. Because in the midst of all the partying and hanging with my friends,  I still feel alone.
Have you ever thought of suicide? If you’re strong enough to put a blade to your throat? Or a gun to your head?
Where footprints in single file Where hearts not in denile Where rose's petals fall The Emerald braced for Finale to revenge son's fatality  
The lion runs over the sun-bathed plains, Into the mountains where it rains. No longer a lion, but a goat, It treks up high, and then shakes its coat. Fur turns into feathers; it is now an eagle in the sky.
Listen you say to get an A and do your work to succeed you say to ask questions about things i don't understand because there are no stupid questions   but here I am infront of you
Dear Mrs. Grouch, How you make me want to scream. We do the same old crap each and every day. Don't you  think we know you are busy, But don't you think we need your help? Turn off that old dead music,
                                             Teacher, Teacher                                                                                                                 By A.P.A What is there to say?
No I wont fall into those traps Go away I know I can function just like everybody else Stop it I will get over this myself Let go I can fight this  Quit pulling
Help me believe that youre the right man for my believe that you can stand to be the mother of my future childrens...
I want to tell you How much I care About your broken green bottle   How much I care about the sea And dandelions And cracks in the sidewalk   Like you do  
  The social media has built up bullying   And the principals won’t do anything   They say “kids will be kids” or “we’ll figure something out”  
We see them every day,  But never see them crying. We claim to care about them,  But underneath, are lying.    We shun, we tease, we taunt them As if death didn't matter.
Liar, Liar pants on fire   “Mama,” her body began to spark more and more with each step “I’m going to Emily’s house,” her eyes began to glow hungry for fuel
Get up, run, shower, school is in an hour. Wait... No! My clock is slow. Sh*t. I'm screwed. I gotta go.  Throw powder on my face, hope my mascara is in place, grab my keys, sprint out the door,
The truth has been spokenWith the words that was suppose toSet me freeBut instead hurt more feelingsThan my ownI didn't intend for this to happen
I am writing this poem to get a scholarship, you guys have some extra cash and I need a lot of it.
  Telling the untold story of my childhoodRewinding the despicable memories that withdraws me from fully happinessTo me when I was a little girlpeace meant warand joy meant agony, because it came with sacrifices Rewind.......... Back to the time w
Sweet like soda pop, Bubbly like champagne, You make everyone around you laugh and smile. The misty sky That makes rainbows appear, A kaleidoscope Beautiful like gems in the sun,
Hatred and envy seep into my veins.Wrath courses through my body, arriving at the brain.My hands are shaking, shuddering. When will it end?Things are getting dangerous. I can no longer pretend.
There are things teacher never teach you,Like how to be yourself.I was never taught to be different, while others remained the same.I was never taught that the cost of clothes didn't matter and that life was never fair.I was never taught that help
There's a piece missing from my heartStomped on, shattered, torn apartA feeling hangs over me, the feeling of dreadFrom that moment that everything was soaked in redIt pooled around and pulled me deeper
It’s music note coming at you Throwing these facts down so you’ll understand where I’m coming from I mean the point of me stating these facts
Teacher, TeacherCan't you seeWhat this life is doing to me? Can't sleep at nightDue to memories and fearAnxiety chewing away at meA family that doesn't care
Teach meTell meExplain to me the significance of your systemAn A, a B, C, D, FTeach me the meaning of your systemminus ten, twenty, thirtyTeach me the meaning of it all.
If we are late Why give us the death stare? It's like we've murdered a whole population. Seriously? How about those assignments? Why so much? When ypou know I work to provide for my family.
I can't believe I was so blind, To see the mistakes I made, To see all the chances I could have taken, To see all the things that went wrong, To see all the things I could have prevented.  
You do realize a have a life, right? Status quo, all about the numbers, Make up this and that,  Submit one or the other, Take time to... Think about my life.
I convinced myself that the world hated me. I saw there's no good I could be. In reality I was the only real bully. I beat myself up and called myself ugly. I saw that I all I ever brought was pain.
Understand, this is not right.Listen, hear me warn you.This is not a fair fight.You will fail, win, lose.
I am the hunter, she is the bird. I reach and reach but cannot hold. Opporunity is her name. She flaps her wings and flies away. I hit my head, again and again. On the cold hard ground in pure frustration.
Trapped deep in suicidal thoughts. Just one life. Just your life. That's all it will cost. You don't think anyone cares, but I promise. I promise; I will always be there. You don't understand. If I lose you, I'll never be the same.
Death is her wish and life is her bliss. There are cuts on her wrist because she can't hide the pain. The only trace  of words filled with hate  are those wounds on her skin.
I go through the day, acting like its all okay. I try to go unnoticed. Try but fail.   Failing... Failing... Fail...   I strive to impress. Craving for their approval.
I am lost in a sea of unknown faces, blurred and unimpressionable.  Blending into the class room walls. Spending the school year doing nothing but filling in a desk, and saying present when called upon.
Another year, another round. Third time's a charm and yet none I've found. Thy upper division courses slay me, The level of work is damn near deadly.   One would think I'd crumble,
Why am I here? What have I done to deserve this? Shampoo in my eyes. Give me cancer for a cause. Rush smoke in my lungs. I am an animal, I want to live free. Why cant the just let me be?
Dear Lauren, Your head is on moving mountains While your heart is broken into thousands And today you fell off the track But I'd like to guide you back
As students we come to learn Getting good grades is our concern But if we look at the page And we feel our minds stuck in a cage We tend to give up in turn. So as a teacher, pay attention
Rooms, Inescapable prisons, That present our Feeble minds with Conforming individuals, Unfavorable probability, Discomfort. Rooms, Incase emotions. While hallways,
Little bird, Your voice is heard. I see your tears, I understand your fears. I will fight for you, But you must fight too.   Little bird, You mean the world to me,
Here and there you disappear, an aparition in the dark. Fading into the past: mistakes. You're not what I imagined.  In three thousand feet deep, I search... For what, I'm not aware.
The day is cloudy, no man in sight. Not even the crows who cry in flight. She looks up and she looks down, but no salvation is to be found.
You follow coincidence down the path of least resistance Your decisions dictated by circumstance Your every move driven by nature and nurture It is not too late To live intentionally
Am I a princess, so clean and polite? Or am I an outsider, who will greet you with a bite? Do I prefer a perfectly made bed? Or will you find me with messy hair on my head? Am I a free spirit or should I be tamed?
This world at my fingertips that spins and twirls takes it’s time with flips that makes me want to hurl   Keys to the very end
I looked in the mirror todayand saw all my thoughtsthey were irrational somewhatpainful, negative and suppressed
I can see, but I am blind. I can hear, though I am deaf. I can speak, yet I am mute. I find myself wandering, like a spirit, Walking the same path over. I cannot tell if a dream has taken me
Let’s play a game, we’ll start with you Tell you what I feel, not of use Arrogant, lazy, always crude Tug another knot, tie the noose   Cowardly ways, I’ll take the blame
Honestly, where im from success doesnt come around commonly You're successful if you survive a lifetime in my shoes Successful if you're not related to violence and are broadcasted on the news
Ever feel like your trapped In a bottomless hole so deep  but yet comfortable to your new surrounding  familiar with the dark walls  and the ordinary smell that become your only companions
Please listen to me as I speak, I speak truth, I speak wisdom to you, hear me now as I say you are more  to God than anyone today. Look up in the night sky, do you see those stars? God loves you more than each
I write because I never could throw a punch. I never could run fast enough jump high enough or beat you in sports at recess, But I could run circles around your head with unparalleled linguistic prowess. I spoke daggers,
I write to escape, to embody myself in a world free of space and time where my pen can't keep up with my mind as I overflow with rhyme expressing my love, expressing my life.
Walking with a cloud of despair over my head dreading what the future holds near or lack there of mourning the loss of all sanity I started with  now it's me against high school Bermuda 
There was once a world of simplicity and tranquility But man has robbed us of that ability Progression is the obsession of today’s generation When will we learn the needed forms of interrogation
I write to release, I write to not feel. I write to express feelings that I know are real. I write when I'm confused, I write when I'm alone, I write when there's no one but myself at home.
We are a fast food generation, and in love with instant gratification, facing complete and utter annihilation, erasing the very blood line of the planet, look I get it, it’s easy to go to foreign countries to rape the world for its oil
I cry out. Help! I wimper and gasp with racing drops falling down my face. Help! I am stuck in a dark, molded sphere, running into the same sides and corners. Help! I have grown to be strong, but this is torture.
Keep moving. They'll push you down and they'll put up a fight. Keep moving. They'll leave you broken and beaten. Keep moving. They'll laugh at your dreams and feed your fears. Keep moving. Until you find the one. Then stay.
        Every day, The hurt, It wakes me.   I am the feline, Across the road, coddled by mange's kiss.   Who am i?   I am he, The pitbull,
My selfish self wants to stand out and shine, Like the glowing eyes from the roadside in the night Making many folks alert of my existence. Yet, all my life I’ve been watching from behind those dazzling bright eyes,
He looked so sad in photographs; He looked so scared, so lost, confused, and yet he laughed. That tentative half-smile, those distant eyes, portray a struggle, wounds, and damage. He feels so isolated
I'm lost. But I remember you. "I'll give up everything. I love you." These words were meant for you. I needed the fire burning in your eyes. Otherwise I'd be unable to see
They told her Not to cry- As if tears were anything more than A lifeless bit of memory- And sent her away. Eight years later, The sun still rose and Her heart still beat to the same
i write because others write one day i heard someone speak without making a sound the book opened on my lap spilled with words that were so loud at the end of every sentence and/or phrase, was a bold statement
Kids cryin’ and dyin’ Whites and colors never getting along How did everything go wrong? Have you ever seen a troubled Mexican girl walking alone? Or a little boy behind a glass on the phone? You see, I have
I see the stars a-shining. I hear the birds a-rhyming.   The moon, sparkling. The moon, charming.   Time is passing. Nothing good is lasting.   Time goes on.
I know God listens, but what of them? They hear my rhymeless poetry prayer Gratitude, Hope, Joy, Peace- Laid as a naked newborn I know God listens, but what of them? They hear without thought or compassion
Why I write The externalization of my internal fight My words take flight What I convey not always a delight The emotions are real, Flashing before your eyes Masquerading in my desguise
Adorned with dark brown skin The constant teases as if it was a sin A Sin that my melanin was a little more defined
I used to be depressed And at times I even desired death My feelings were strong and extreme It was the consequence Of trials and times That clearly took a toll on me  
When I sit down with a paper and a pen,my mind starts to assemble a puzzle of words.I paint a picture in my mind, over and over again.Sentences for brushes - my imagination is the color palette,
They just need a lighthouse keeper some light to pull them into and a person to hold the light steady steady for them to see and follow steady like a tree a tree that stands tall in the forest
God, I feel like I'm not knowing And that You're supposed to be showing Me where I'm supposed to go and... I'm so confused. I don't know what to do. But I continue to stay strong and faithful and run to You!
I stare at your glowing face in the light of the moonI wonder where it is the person I loved has goneWhat has happened to our loveI also look into the space where your heart,the heart which beat so strong and true, 
  POETRY helped me read. I hated long words, I hated long sentences, But I saw something simple. POETRY helped me read. To me it’s quick, To me it’s to the point,
I record dreams.Not because I believe they are full of meaning,But because they were something I experienced,And I don't like to forget,That which I have experienced.
Sick severed lipsHolding my bare hips.Like Achilles heel,The emotional appeal is severed. And though I have no brainI can't really complainOf the wonders in the skyAnd how high I can go.
Is it really worth it? The heartache the pain that you leave behind. Is it really worth it? A mother who has to bury a child, do you really want that? Can you see what you will cause?
  As her head lays on my chest, I feel the knot in my throat grow. Tears begin to fall down my face.  And all I can feel is sorrow.  God will never leave me empty. 
Why I write is simply so when my words sprout wings and take off into my soul my mind and spirit filled with dismay writing is the ticket as I take on the soul train Why I write
I believe that in order for someone to truly develop and mature they must invest in themselves. In order to invest in themselves they must recognize what type of person he or she is
  Poetry is more than words put together in rhymes and stanzas. It’s more than a couplet Or even iambic pentameter. To me it iss utter expression.   A way to scream and shout
You use them to communicate, you use them to express your hate, you use them to depict your fate, you use them to inovate. but i use them to fight, i use them to make things right,
Pain in my poor heart In pain like never before  I just need a hand
Words written in led or words written in ink; whenever I find a chance, I really begin to think.   Words written in red or words written in pink; When I find the chance to write, it feels like it was meant to be.
limit of limitations are limitless when i script dreams onto a blank page filled with ideas just awaiting to happen. The thought that no one or nothing could say that im wrong.
Home was sweet once but now mommy and daddy fight. Daddy hurts me! Quiet he’s coming; it’s time for daddy’s special time alone.Mommy hates me, she blame me for everything.
Sights of empty faces crawling on the fences Who can reach fate with a license plate? It's the long road of a sad soul Where seeing is believing, seeing is for grieving
In a world of darkness, Subtle waves pulse agaisnt my skin. My lungs feel tight and cramped, My heart slamming against my ribs with brutal force Working against the lack of oxygen.
As I write to whats to come Some say fate others destiney I wonder what may happen later For my eternity   Maybe it'll be gnomic Maybe it'll be an incubus For what the future holds atonomy
Day by day The sun rises and the sun sets The stars glisten and the animals are at rest All you do is just wonder, wonder what brought me here That of course is logical, your parents
blood clusters in a lust massive starvation to the heart slow beats of death pound; reaching the finale no time to waste on love murderous love led to blood barely moving as short breaths weap out
There is a dark ledge a precipice into an even darker abyss that everyone seems to know yet everyone seems to hope there is no such place. We all deny the place we know
All it took was one shot For you to spiral down the drain ‘Cause though you may have fought You couldn’t evict the pain   All it took was one thought For you to decide it was time
As the ocean draws in from a hard days work I stop and think of the ongoing state of things. The sun's rays strech out from the horizon giving the sky a firework of explosion. What has my life become? Where is it leading me?
Music is for the broken whose will has been abandoned and suicidal thoughts have nested. So quick to contemplate death. Instead a track plays to vibe with the heart and mend the mind to health.
"Scribble, scribble, scribble, scribble, scribble, scribble...CRACK!"           I groan as look down to see what my pencil had attacked. The words seem ok, the sentences intact,
Sitting in an empty roomContemplating on what to do.Eyes filled of tearsA smile to hide her fears.Not even her closest friend knowsOf the secret she withholds.Blood running down the drain
pain feels like the air rushing out of your lungs looks like someone trying to hold themselves together tastes like bitter tears running down your cheeks into your gasping mouth
It's your crooked fingersreaching for mywrinkled heart. It's yourstraight teethsmilling that songmy soulhums
Just breathe That’s what they all say It will all be okay Just breathe That’s what they ALL Say, time and time again Over and over
There seemed to be no way out. I couldn’t scream and I wouldn’t shout. I let it go in a dangerous way. Too much has happened for me to say
What might be okay today  won't be okay tomorrow. When your mind allows impulses to take over,  it's like you're giving up,  you gave up your strength. Strength is usually what helps me through, 
I step away, As he slowly approaches, Hidden out of his sight. Evil he has come to do… But I must do right. I will just wait here, If he does not see me first, My heart is beating, I’m about to burst!
I step away, As he slowly approaches, Hidden out of his sight. Evil he has come to do… But I must do right. I will just wait here, If he does not see me first, My heart is beating,
I'm running, but going nowhere. I need help. Help me try to get through all these nightmares that keep racing through my mind. How long will it last? Someone, anyone, help me.  
  My mind is a prison The prisoner locked inside the cell  is me Why you may ask because i can't gain control so i lose it every time and when the control is lost the pain takes over
Pinches and medicine, Needles and a poke. This just has to be a painful joke. Their squirms are minimal, Their cries are silent, Allowing the ‘caretakers’ to be violent.
  Just Listen…     Just listen to the words I have to say ‘cause it just might make a difference to you and me  
The pen is mightier than the sword As the cut is weaker than the word And while your body is greatly scarred In your heart you are even more scared   So I write for you And give you words to heal
The Lost wander, searching for an answer. They grow weary and wonder, where is kindness? What is kindness? Kindness is  Home.
To be successful is hard Yet, to fail is a given. It's ok to be '16 and pregnant' That’s the world we live in. I look up at the TV screens And think they got it great. Watch the news and here the bash
The waves crash over me. Suddenly I'm lost. Lost. So lost. I try to kick my way to the surface, but there always seems to be an invisible boundary. One that I can never cross. But I suppose it's okay now.
You won't take the time. So you don't know. She has a good heart. But through her exterior that doesn't show. All you can see is the poverty that her family has been cursed with.
Here I sit, ah this black chalice so alone, and silence embracing my every thought,every emotion.  
Poetry came in my darkest days In a rehab far far away My thoughts were a constant battle til  we met Poetry at first gave me my sanity Now I write to help To get my story out To reach out to others 
It has bestowed upon me The final year of my academic career in grade school Through all the truimphs and failures that goes with each year i' am the 12th Man
I saw the surface above me, Shimmering, bright. The sunlight pouring in, Golden rays through the waves.   Sinking, Farther down, No matter how hard I kick. Thrashing in the water,
I try to help Everywhere I turn Someone else is there I feel obligated to stay, Turning from person to person. I never just push through the crowd The sea of people never parts,
Stuck in an abyss, knowing I can’t resistFacing things without big risksEven if I’m bleeding from my wristsI’ll still look for happiness, even if it didn’t exist
Your life is a struggle, heavy burden can't juggle Your hunger is like a animal don't stress no more cause god is here Have faith that he will see you through protect and love you years and threw
Graduation in 8 weeks , because i didnt graduate in june im not complaining , kinda anxious , gotta go back to school eighteen , known to slack off but when i want it , ill go and get it
Knots Twisted up inside me.   I'm dying just to breathe, to cry.   But I can't. Not here.   I want to just  give up.   What if this feeling lasts,
Threatening waves crash over me, they pound the life out of me.   I hear what seems to be screams in the distance,   But it’s me.
Remember when the only thing that scared us was the shadow in our room.   We would be scared to look under the bed. And the closet was our only enemy.    Life seemed simpler when we were young.  
Prepare yourself, For this will not be ordinary. To express the way I feel Is to look upon the people of this earth with a smile in my heart To see the distraught  the unloved the wanting
One cut. Two cut. Three cut. Four. How many cuts until I'm at death's door?  
Shadow of  a smile vacant searching eyes hollow echos of laughter hidden by a disguise   Every heart ache forms a new crack a crumbling piece of art trying to hold it all together
Have you ever seen the rain come down? Those days where the grey is less white than the pain, Desolated days where the chains hold you at bay, yet the wind ceases to balm
I was introduced to poetry in the everyday mentions of the topic though it never intrigued me until quite recently.  One of my best friends has always written, though she never wrote poetry - just stories. 
As sons and daughter of the most high God We have standards to uphold, as we are representing Zion And as we live in a dark and hateful world
Help me!Help me!Can't you hear my scream!?The pounding of my heart -the grinding of my teeth!?Dear goodness,somebody please!My Anixiety it's eating me!
(poems go here) Walking down the road, Deciding where to go… This will change my life FOREVER.
(poems go here) I feel it... Kick Kick kick Inside of me Your apart of me Sweet child of mine, please forgive Forgive me for having to bring you into this world For only having love to give you
Take me away from here. Take all my fears and let me watch them disappear. You better hurry. Take all the unnatural scars on my body and recreate them into untouched skin.
She was just a baby. Just a little girl living in a harsh cruel world. My mommy wasn't there, and neither was my daddy. I was almost on my own except my sister maddie. Maddie was the older one
I know that When you’re alone In the middle Of the night And you want someone To hold you And tell you That everything’s Gonna be alright, That I could be That person For you,
As long as a need exists, I will write; The innocent must have voice, I will fight. For babies in the womb, They must see light. For a beaten woman, They must not fear the night.
Old and wise Has loved and lost To help he tries Any, at any cost Old and wise Still needs love Searches the skies Carried on the wings of the dove
Today I am graduating from High School. so i want to tell you things i have learned in high school that the classroom cant teach you.
I have something on my chest That is clouding up my mind. What if we overlook everything Without taking the time, to realize where we went wrong, the things we do or say.
Enough is enough you tell yourself. You wish you had a sense of stealth. You wish to leave this frail life Even if it’s with a knife.
I turn my music up loud, wondering maybe if I turn it up enough, someone might notice I’m crying out, I’m drowning in my thoughts but my words live in a drought, my actions give me away, but I inspire no doubts, in those who walk by me as if I wer
Lately all we do is fight, can’t seem to get it right. Why should we pretend we’re more than friends? Can’t you see it’s hard for me? Trusting you is what I do. Seems like all you want is to hurt me.
Calluses riddle his palms that were tender once Marks of the weary Marks of the worried Bags under his eyes darken already dark skin Traces of the teary Traces of the tired
I don't know what to do. You don't look at me, The same way I look at you. I don't know what to do. To think it had only begun, And already, we're through. I don't know what to do.
I just need a scholarship
Here I am, once again Sitting in the same place, same routine, same faces I’ve mistaken a change in pace to be progress, a step out of this mess I’m discouraged at the realization, no longer through the rearview mirror;
No glance or furtive peek needed, I already know. They are me, all respiring to one united beat and breath--and we’ll die together at death.
When I am stressed you release me You remove a veil from the blind They now see When I feel overwhelmed by the commitments I have made You clear my mind I now see
she silently stares at the monsters under her bed chin resting on the knees she has pulled to her chest, eyes as empty as the rhythmic heart beating— out of obligation— between her ribs.
I wish you could see you as I see you, So for a little bit, let me break through, Through walls of stubborn mortar and hard brick, I promise you I will be very quick.
The life that we live Can dictate our character Our actions today And the ways we serve others Can help us find who we are
The Hope, It sits there. Right there. Trapped. The Hope, Is yelled at, Is tugged at, Yet it sits there. Right there. Waiting.
Sadness floats around me Hovering Always with me. Like mist, It creeps over me Settles down and suffocates me. The fog of depression hides the sight of happiness. The shadows are dark,
sometimes you dont know how you will feel, sometimes you dont know how you will react, sometimes you are so bottled up you dont know what to do, sometimes you do things you didnt realize you did,
she sees herself as a nobody, and to others shes a nobody by the time shes a somebody she'll again be a nobody.
darkness the scary and dark place being afraid of something that's not there it may be concealed in the blanket of night doesnt mean its bad
I feel these emotions They come in waves I breathe thick fury This hateful rage It turns around Pulling me out of the deep Offering me a hand Pulling me back on my feet I know it wont last
Never been on top Never been good enough Had a couple of blessings But I never had good luck Always underestimated Nobody believed in me But I see why because I was never in the lead
Numb is always my emotion I've become so bland nothing effects me anymore I only cry to know I'm still alive and because I know they're right.
Save me; I'm dying on the inside  Lift me; Pick me up from where I've fell  Wake me from this sick nightmare I'm in Someone get me out of this hell   Help me;
Am I too weak to say something, but too strong that I may break them? I am too scared to show them my skin. My mind is blurred by the images of doubt. By their stupid ways. Why?
For some reason they like to hold us back. Even though they seem to have the control, we are probably our strongest. I've never felt so strong, beaten down to one finger on a rope. I've probably never had so much hope...
Get away from me. I don't want you to visit again. Last time nearly killed me. The pain; the crying. The worthlessness.
I have no strength to continue. Alone at the piano, Tears track my face, As my fingers a melody trace In the dark.
Light That is all I ever asked The stars are receding And I have failed my task I wonder I wonder What did I fail to do?
Put down the knife another day is coming No more red drops and keep life going Battle scars are worse in the heart, I know Don't let them on your skin, don't let it show What I'm asking you is please be strong
A dark hole called home, but it's not even mine. Not living only existing, no hope, no worth, dealing with what I've been dealt. Keep it all inside, the words inside my mouth. We'll all be the same, lying in the dirt.
I've wandered into the morbid side of life and I don't plan on coming back. You can chase me all you want, but you'll just get hurt in this dark place. It kills anything positive. But I don't have to worry,
The prisoners treated life as game Yet, surprised to be locked in rusty cells There's nobody except themselves to blame Harshly punished if anyone rebels
Droning through the masses, Clutching at my chest, This pain is hardly bearable, From the bullet just above my breast.
Heart feels so overwhelmed I look into your eyes And see the unexplainable Twists and turns of unexpected Happiness and sorrow All rolled into one smiling face
I’ve been broken down and restored Set back Been attacked since the day I was conceived inside my mother’s womb Attacked by gallons of liquor bottles, Making me kick within my mother’s belly,
What is a best friend?, I ask I can sit and ponder all day, But I can't pretend the thought doesn't last, Someone I can confide in, lean on, laugh, and cry, It's something, a feeling, that most people would die
When al is lost, and hope it seems, has left me here deserted. When friendship's cost, of life and dreams, have proved too much to pay. When solitude, and loneliness, are not enough to comfort.
Through the glass, she sees a person she hates. A big pile of ugly mass; a twisted game of fate. The person never forgives and never loves; a person unfamiliar with kisses and hugs. The ugly personality
One quick fix Will fill the cell Yet who in this Will become well? A man is sick His brain is blind A lobotomy will clear his mind.
A night in the park A house, a house Intimidation Trepidation My child, my child Innocent victim Silent victim Dry tears Hopelessness looms Eyes closed Eyes open Bliss
Standing at an intersection Holding a cardboard sign Scrawled on with a sharpie Found lying around Cars pass And pass And pass This is humiliating Still they pass The hot sun beats down,
Im young, I Am Dumb, I Grow, Then im Grown In this short period of time i have learn much At times like this i wonder is it enough??? At Last its my life and I Set The TOne........
On the outside I'm strong But on the inside I'm in Hell I make subtle cries But no one who notices will help
(poems go here) On the outside I'm strong But on the inside I'm in Hell I make subtle cries But no one who notices will help
Coping mechanisms have increased Until loads of weight are placed onto my shoulder Relapses from what I once was From what I once did
In New York City, you’ll find two kinds of people; those who see something and say something, and those who see something and assume nothing is wrong. As I walked to the South Street Seaport one weekend last Summer,
Safe is a word that bounces in my chest, it holds my breath in after thoughts like "future" Take it away, can you arrange my life so I don't cry at night?
the scars on my back show the long nights i had to work. the scars on my back show the srtuggles i been through the scars on my back show the pain i indoored when i lost my grandmother
Everyday I walk down these halls terrified I can feel the stares and read their lips Calling me anything they can think of Just to hurt me My mind fools me Making me think I'm strong enough to take it
The metal soothes the skin. The red ribbons wrap 'round the wrists, flowing, endless. The waterfalls cascade down ebony cheeks. The laughter echos through the mind. The waterfalls dry. The ribbons end.
Of the darkness emerging from our souls, beyond threshold of the black mire falling headfirst into the pits dying, our souls
Forgive me father for I have sinned Repent both for the friend and foe See the sorrow, the agony Sought to aid the misfortunate Diminished by bureaucracy So fists to cuffs, the guns appear
Walk right in and take a seat. Can you smell the tears of defeat? The seat is warm, and toasty just like your dinner with Aunt Rosie. He speaks to you, and your body gets tense.
Normal... it's such a strange thing With its hum-drum ring That makes you want to wheel it into a hospital wing and just let it die
Help. The further we walked, the further away we got. Help. Standing here never seemed so scary; This view never seemed so wrong. Help.
They say smiles fix everything, And I’d like to agree. But that’s hard to do, When my smiles kill me. Looking down at myself, I feel hatred, disgust. Looking in to myself, I don’t know what to trust.
For You I have changed my ways I have gone from that nice little girl to someone older in age. For You I have turned my back on all things that sing
A sudden fear approaches As foot steps draw near Tears release from pain And words of lash at my heart The monsters want me dead But I keep fight... To find a light in this Forever Nightmare
I can't see the future but I can't dare look at the past. I told myself I was done and this was the last. I can't handle the pain! The guilt or the blame. But I can't escape this life. This toughness and rage.
A beauty with wings and beady eyes flying higher than Everest It's ego soaring with every flap as it gains momentum Sharp mustard beak contradicts its soft feathers Gorgeous svelte body helps it ascend
Come Take a seat Take off your load Tell me about your day as i try to rid your stress let me take your hair down as you let your hair down unload your troubles for today i am your psychiatrist
Running numb Blind to the path in front of her Crushing everything she's been taught It's not fair... There's a prettier place where women can smile
These four walls hold me in Blank and bare, so naked, I stare The dimmed light from the screen Makes a Glow. A dull glow because it is dark, past 11.
They tell her she isn't as alone as she thinks But they never lived everyday alone as her Unable to form real relationships with people Because of her fear of rejection With only her thoughts to tempt her
Sturdy and strong, From the outside nothing could go wrong, Crumbling on the inside, this tower So tall and so bold Colorful yet vague As it watches and stares at all that pass by, Rainy days, sunny days,
Brighter than the suns strong smile Her eyes have been searching for miles. Miles to go, miles to go*, oh how she wished she’d know. Never stopping to take a breath,
When I read, their tearful words appear to echo in my mind. When I listen softly, Their desperation clings to my soul. When I ponder, Their fate may rest with my words.
You are hurting her, more than you know. Cuz she won't admit it Her feelings won't show. You lacerate her, stroke after stroke then you kiss that bitch she's been broken.
I am standing alone walking in a place I call Numb. Surrounded by nothing, but white, no one but you. A smile falls upon your god like face as you hug me and BANG!!
Can you see them? The ones hurting Crying Dying I can You go on with life As if nothing’s wrong Everything’s perfect But I know you hear them
Look at her and what do you see, a happy, cheerful, girl, full of glee? Well look behind that mask, that has been so neatly painted on, for your little girl is long, long gone.
Only one answer. Why so much killing, from north to south, from east to west? Why so much pain that no one should endure? Why so much sadness, we cry ourselves to sleep?
Shattered dreams of a boy and his brothersFollowing footsteps in the shadows of others.
Their here, their there, their everywhere You may not see them, but their everywhere They need your help, though many turn their heads If I could I would help every single person
Another night, The chill aches in their bones, Trash-can fires light up the cold night, Some dig through the garbage, For something to eat, Others try to find warmth, In a box,
Every week I find myself, heavily, halfheartedly, hopelessly, ...alone, in my addiction councellor's office. The clock pounds out the conversation, tick tock tick tock, because quiet honestly I refuse to talk.
Need somewhere to go Don't have anyone around Praying someone's searching Hoping you'll be found
You think you’re the only one going through this shit Well there’s one to many others Look at me Look in my eyes I’ve seen your pain I’ve felt the same disgrace I watched my mother suffer And cave
Inspire me beloved poetry, surrounded in nothingness, alone and lonely, no place to call home but hell, but if hell is my realm then what next may come, asked I the suicidal bastard son,
Afraid it will come back Up like a shadow Up like his smoke Rolling in with the tide Even when I hide I'm afraid it will find me I'm afraid I'm still to week to fight Because I remember how
Listen to Me for once in your life! You don't know what this pain really feels like. No one knows what I'm saying to you. All you hear is a bark or two. I lie neglected all day, every day.
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