Wed, 08/28/2013 - 21:44 -- Ashiya

I can see, but I am blind.

I can hear, though I am deaf.

I can speak, yet I am mute.

I find myself wandering, like a spirit,

Walking the same path over.

I cannot tell if a dream has taken me

Or if I am truly moving.

I feel, but I am carved of stone.

I cry, though there are not tears.

I breathe, yet the air dies before it reaches my lungs.

Why is the dark so clear in the light?

Is it naive to love the white in the black?

I want to love, but hatred turns my veins to fire.

I need to fight, though my body is weak.

I must help, yet I stand hesitantly.

I am alive, and, I am dead.


Scarlet in Midnight

This is vague enough to be relatable and specific enough to let me attach pictures/memories to the words. I also like the questions you ask. Write more--I want to read :). 


Thank You!

I'm glad that you like it and are able to attach your own memories, I think that's the best part of poetry

I'm working on more but sometimes you just have to wait for insperation :).

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