There comes a time

when your body forfeits the game

and your heart reaches the limit of pain

While your soul shrivels  up in shame.


The world as you know of turns into ashes

as you get pulled into a victimless crime

you realize your life's not worth more than a dime

and that's when you realize you have lost your mind.


You enter a world full of genuine grief

were the kids play with matches

and  sleep in rooms with holes and patches

they're all marked with burns bruises and scratches.


You break into a fierce cry

Because you realize your life has been stolen by a thief

That's showing no signs of giving you relief

this is a time when there is no room for outspoken beliefs.


There comes a time

when you will have nobody to abide by

when you have to be your own tough guy

that is when you will pray for the angle to drop by.


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