Tears of Raindrops

Sun, 12/22/2013 - 14:41 -- Laura67



She cries into the night

As she heads for the sky

Her face is full of Pain

She has nothing to gain.


She cries herself to sleep

As she feels herself fall deep

Consumed by fear, blinded by pain

Nothing to offer, but this feeling of shame.


Many things were said and a few were done

She was trusted by all, but trusted no one

She was alone in this world, as people passed on by

She had the look of agony and tears in her eyes

She tried to cover it up with playful jokes and smile

But all the while she was far with many miles


She didn’t show her emotions, nor tell how she felt

She just wanted to know the distinction, between what’s fake and what’s real

She felt that no one cares, they ignored her everyday

No one really though enough, to even ask if she was okay.


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