Why Can't I?

It didn't take too much

To bring me down to my knees.

To leave me laying on the floor

Covered in bruises and blood.

To leave me laying alone in the dark.


So here I stay on the floor,

At the bottom of this abyss.

Why should I get up?

You're going to push me down again.

Why can't I lay here and be forgotten,

Except by the few who care?


There are days I don't want to get better,

Cause it is easier to stay where I am.

There is no struggle,

And nobody would know.

So why can't I stay here on the cold ground?

Why can't I stay here in the blood?

Why can't I wallow in my sadness?

Why can't I stay in the abyss?

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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