Pink Purse


Damn, I miss you.


I  cannot belive this happened.

Why can't you be alive and well?


I miss you so much. 


Ever since that day almost a year ago,

I've been hallow. 


You were part of me.

We shared blood. 

We shared thoughts.

We shared a passion.

We shared the same temper.

We shared a mother.


They say it was an accident.

But you were a good driver.

I know that. 


For months,

I couldnt sleep without our brother with me. 


I will never forget it you.


We buried you with a pink purse.

But I hate that,

that was you


You are full of life.

You loved to have fun.

You loved fashion.

You loved animals.

You loved books. 


I miss you so much

But you had been missing for years. 

I missed you much longer than just a year. 



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