My Final Goodbye


Knowing that you are alright my future always looks forever so bright

now my life has shifted knowing you are no longer insight. 


Right then I recognizes that my life will go through

torture knowing I will never be with you.


It's hard for me to accept that you are gone

and how your life ended on this earth was terribly wrong.


I never expect to see the day

 that you will be so cruelly taken away.     


I am in disbelief

and stricken with enormous amount of grief.


I do not know what I am going to do

being on this earth all alone without you.


My eyes of tears pour down like rain

as my heart went into a stage of everlasting pain.


The thought on how you left me I immediately went into a rave

 as I watched your casket goes down into the grave.


I felt my heart broken into two

knowing how much I will deeply miss you.


As I watched them continue to lower your body into the ground

I realized you are no longer going to be around.


That’s when I knew it was hard to say my final goodbye

as my tears cascade from my eyes.


© By: Naomi Johnson 

To my beloved son Deshon Johnson

11- 8-14


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