They float in a cataclysm of nothing wanting more

My mind is trapped and wanting nothing but to soar

As I sit and think these idyllic thoughts you come to me and the hurt starts

So I close that door wanting to cry no more

I sit back and listen to minds emptiness yet so full wanting to burst

Yet still so closed and let nothing hurt

Emotions are few but so powerful

Hurt pain and many more but those will only bore

So I move on to more impressive things like playing in the rain and hearing you sing

You keep trying to creep in my thoughts so I put u away and u will stay

This time

Yet I still want to hear it that sweet pain u bring the knowing I had u and will have u no more

The wanting to see u but wanting no more

No more pain from these thoughts in hope they will fade

In these impressive stanzas with nothing to gain

U still only see the shell of me

But my mind still wanders

What will I wear tomorrow how will I dress

Would u approve OMG I’m a mess

See u came back again so now I must stop because keeping u caged

Is only a pretty thought


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