The Alternative

Wake up, roll out of bed

Hit the floor, legs like lead

Emotions are weighing me down

Dawn my mask to cover my frown


My mask of Immaturity

My mask gives me security

My mask preventing me to breathe


What is The Alternative?


And with this mask comes a price

One I've paid more than twice

A danger of being misunderstood

Extending back to childhood


Under this mask I may weep

It only protects me surface deep

I need to hold back just a little longer


But what is The Alternative?


For something I can't stop thinking about

It's always so hard to make it out

It would be easy to ask "what's wrong with me?"

But these problems I face are summed to three


I worry about every outcome

And bottle it up until I'm numb

Till the emotions inside can no longer hide


I'm scared of The Alternative.


I'm scared

It's stupid

I'm dumb

I'm selfish


These feelings, this method

It's not unique


To run

To bottle

To fake

To hide


Keep it together

You're nothing special


To them

You're average

It's over

You lost


They left, they're gone

You had your chance


Sit down

Shut up

Get up

Put out


How do expect respect if you always suspect


The worst

It hurts

Rock bottom

Can't climb


Your mask is slipping don't let it slip


You're sad

So what

Guess what

Me too


You're feelings mean nothing

So just stop thinking


About this

About that

None of it matters


Because you can't get hurt again.


Go home, roll into bed

Close my eyes, legs are dead

Remove my mask, but where's my frown?

I cannot find it as I look around


In its place, on my face, a smile

For once, I hope that it stays a while

And even though it may hurt in the end,

The Alternative is better than pretend


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