Who Am I?


I believe in harsh standards

I believe that all females should look the same.

Females should not have hips

Female's ribs should be exposed.

If females are as thin as a rail,

They are the ones I display.

The ones who are more round, I edit those curves away.

I show movies where larger women are made fun of,

and I show movies where skinny women get everything.

I teach young girls that fat is unacceptable

and that their weight makes them who they are.

I indirectly urge females to skip meals,

For I know it's a real confidence booster and heals.

I put thoughts of being "perfect" in most girl's minds

And I teach dangerous methods to obtain this impossible standard.  

Who am I, now you ask?

Isn't it obvious?

The one in charge of magazines, commercials, movies, and advertisments

But my number one role is to crush the self-esteem of females all around the world

For I believe women should only come in one way-perfect.

I am the media.

The cruel and unusual media.







Thia has to be the most truthful thing i have read all year, very well written.

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