Not a Pushover


Selfish, if I don't help

A push over, if I do

"You never share or care"

Oh, but I try to!


I love to give

There's this feeling I get

Pride, I think it is

Then its all torn down when the criticisms hit


"Are you stupid?"

I have a 4.5 GPA

"You worked hard for that!"

And I’ll do with it as I say


"They wouldn't share with you"

I dont need anything in return

"They’re probably laughing behind your back"

And when did laughter become a sin?


I'm sorry, but does it all matter?

I do it because I’m genuinely  nice

It stems from my heart

And I believe a slice gets you a slice


Don't say how much I give is wrong

When it feels so right

I know this isn’t a flaw

So I question your sight


Your heart, your mind, and soul, too

Everything is so wrong with giving,

Until I’m giving to you.

So, I'm selfish if i don't help,

But a pushover when i do?



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