Baby Doll

She searches for something to fill her soul, everyday digging a deeper hole, as her heart slowly turns to the tone of coal. Why can't she find the light, her light, the one that once shone so bright. She didn't have the might nor the foresight to win this awful fight. You see height isn't always on your side when you find yourself crusading against despair. It's a hard lesson to learn and a battle to be fair, but I'd like to spare you the pain before wishing farewell of a momentary gain in a game that never ends well. There's no sense to dwell on things we can't change. I warn you this hence the presence of the truth. Arrange your cards the best you can baby doll. Stand tall and relish in the moment for when darkness comes it may be to dense to avoid a fall to your grave. Pounce upon the joy and don't be annoyed for a cloud of joy is better then a mound of voids, simply put sometimes ignorance is bliss.


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