The Deadly Guest


United States
44° 13' 8.022" N, 123° 18' 52.218" W

Get away from me.
I don't want you to visit again.
Last time nearly killed me.
The pain; the crying.
The worthlessness.

Fine, we can talk.
But you have to go home afterwards.
I'm better. I'm on a team at school.
I've made friends.
No, trust me. I have accomplished things
since last time.
Last time you stayed.
And almost drove me to death.

No, you can't stay the night.
It's not a good idea.
Alright, but you have to sleep in the closet.
Where nobody can see you.
They can't know about you.
You almost murdered me.
Unfortunately, you spared me.

I can't do that! It's stupid!
It'll make me feel better? You sure?
Oh my God, you're right!
But I can't do it anymore.
No, you can't meet my boyfriend.
He'd be pissed.
You almost took the blood from my veins.
The oxygen from my lungs.
My will to survive.

I'm leaving for school. Don't follow me.
I'm in math; go away!
The grade? It's bad, but whatever.
It's no big deal! Shut up!
Yes, I'll see you at home.

Sure, you can stay for a week.
You're not as bad as I remembered.
I can't do that again! The grade?
No; that's a stupid reason.
Well....I guess there's not much harm.
Metallic, red relief. I love you.

Stay with me forever.
Consume me!
Take me away. Show me better places.
You're right; Heaven does sound beautiful.
We'll make a visit soon? Okay. But not yet.
You were always right. About everything.
I'm hated; I'm unlovable.
I'm pathetic.
And you alone will stick beside me.
You'll kill me, sure thing.
But it doesn't matter.
As long as I have you.
I know you'll always love me.


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