Ode to Normal

Normal... it's such a strange thing
With its hum-drum ring
That makes you want to wheel it into a hospital wing and just let it die

Normal... in a Machiavellian world
Where Normal is mocked
Where first is great,
Then comes hate,
And Normal is second-rate
You don't know what its like to want to be Normal,
To want to be "good"
When your good is bad and your bad is well...



This is a spoken-word poem I wrote to help me explain to those who lightly talk about "being depressed" in order to say that they are sad what being depressed is really like. I am tired of people misunderstanding depression, just thinking it is pessimistic people or thinking we just need to snap out of it.


Thank you for sharing. No one undersand depression untill they have gone through it. For ever person it is different but for me It was like being locked in my own personal hell.

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