Save Me


I need a hero.

I don't know how to save myself

Somebody help me

I'm tired.

Of cutting into my flesh to numb the pain

Of crying in the dark with no one to hold me

Of escaping into my thoughts because there is no other way out.

I'm caught wounded

I cant break the bars of this cage myself

But nobodys coming to save me.

I'm on my own.

A broken thing.

A hopeless thing.

Living in a fantasy because she is too much of a coward to face her truth.

There. Is. No. hero.

But I still wish for one

Reaching out for any hope I have left, any faith.

My hands claw at my skin in desperation 

Trying to ignite a fire that burnt out long ago

Trying to feel something, anything

Other then this sadness that's slowly seeping into my bones

It's useless though.

I should have known better than to place my trust on unsteady foundations.

The walls I worked so hard to build are breaking.

Soon I will have nothing left to hide behind.

I need a hero.

I don't know how to save myself. 


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