Starting a new chapter every morning 

of my life


I seek improvement, reverence and connectivity 



     I walk on thin ice made of doubt...

But never have I felt so alive to move!


To record, to dwell, to ponder...

And repeat the words over and over again, 

     "life is too short, life is too short"


I am that young fool

who spends her earnings on useless things,

but my appetite only grows stronger as the days go by

DAMN, my consumer belly for wanting more!


There are days when the 

world seemes so 



Life was long quenching need.

Death made its place,

in my lonely space.


Smelt from the cinders

of lost thoughts and feelings,

the tide rises to swallow me 

whole back into my destitute...


So young...

     and so incomplete 

Confronted by the thought

of never achieving a simple life,

I curl in my bed sheets and 

wait for tomorrow to begin.


Till another webpage, another click,

another dead end, here's to making it









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