We are a fast food generation


We are a fast food generation, and in love with instant gratification, facing complete and utter annihilation, erasing the very blood line of the planet, look I get it, it’s easy to go to foreign countries to rape the world for its oil and  boil down lakes till the fish stop shaking, to tear down the trees and turn the land into a super mall and decorate the halls when Christmas comes along,  it’s easy to destroy canons  blow up shit that’s been here longer then man has, and pollute the water so bad that children in foreign country are reported of grown a third hand, but you’ll never see that on TV no, no  Kim kardashian’s ass is more important than children dying hungry, then children dying because they didn’t get a simple shot that could save their life, oh yea right I forgot isn’t C.S.I coming on tonight, we are all pretty screwed up if you ask me, people fear truth because truth forces them to think, change the very symbols of what  they call a good person, but until we can look at ourselves how can we ever think about changing the world, with love being so far away how do we ever think we will see heavens gates, or any God that teaches  us love and to always have good to say, We are a fast food generation, and in love with instant gratification, and if we do not do anything about it, we will be facing complete and utter eradication, not from aliens or from comets from the sky, but from us, the very species that you are a part of , and I’ll leave you with this, a little kid on the bus said I want a big ass chain when I grow up, I said ohh yea how are u going to get that chain he said, easy… I’m going to steal it from someone.


Ajakari Mark Angelo


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