The school I went to had no after school activities

Never had a dad to play with

He died the month before I was born

He was an OG

I felt as if there wasn’t a future for me

I felt as if i had shoes to fill

Ayye! Ayye! Byron!

You ready young blood

Today was the day that I would be put on

Got jumped by 3 dudes

I was finally a blood now

These guys are my brothers now I stayed on Rosecrans and Atlantic Ave.

OG Kray came rushing through the door

The homie got jumped by some Crips

Byron, we gotta kill whoever did this

Ight blood I’m down

When the sun went down we suited up

We went down MLK Blvd.

Where the dude lived

Hop through the back window of the house

Next thing I know

dudes start shooting

I was hit

As I’m dying all I could think of was my MOM

This was all a mistake

Last thing I saw, was myself in the mirror

On the floor bleeding out

Shame in my mind

Thinking there wasn’t another way out


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



This poem is going to touch you.

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