Speaking in mine

Sun, 07/20/2014 - 19:13 -- DiaraTN




Silence of beauty and scent 

Quite as a beast actions 

Ready to lead torment 

With no care of the reactions.


Feelings of many shows best 

Slip or flips breaks rage is not waste of shame 

Laugh's of fun open to play, easy to addressed

Only to claim reason sparks other to blame.


To be heard of myself stands me

I ask persons of mine to sea's what I see that is not clear to the unware

I should disagree starts of war with no end, lost to be last free

Only to wait to exhale, years slow and tented all my alone care.



This is me with 3 lock keeps the zone of loss twists

Prepare of me, this is really me none seeks my away well wished but winds in time I'll leave with no case missed.




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