Answer me

Look at you sitting behind that desk, acting all high and mighty
We are not your toys to fuck with
We are human beings
We are teenagers, hormonal brats that need help during this crucial time 
We look to the adults to guide us
And what do you do? 
Rip us down 
You belittle us when we try to take the next step

You of all people should have better ethic
When you decided to take on this job
You promised to encourage and teach the generations to come
To help us along this rocky mountain 

Instead you tell us to "conform" and to "deal with it"
You tell us to stop fighting for what we believe in
You tell us to give up
"It'll never work" you say
And if we keep fighting 
You take away your education?!?

Is this really what an educational administrator suppose to do?
Tear and rip away everything we believe in
To take away our right to learn 
Because we have morals and values
I think not!!!

You need to face it and face us
Stop hiding behind your desk of lies
Stop being ignorant, selfish 
Help us like you are suppose to
Listen to the problems we have

After all, 
You are the principal
The figure head
You are a symbol of greatness
Instead all I see is a over-sized ball of shit and lies.

Where are you?
Where is the guidance?
Why aren't you shining the light on this unpaved road? 
Where is the help 
We desperately need and crave
Why are you so selfish,evil? 

Look at you 
Will you never get up from that desk of lies?


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