The Fiend


Its coarse taut roots embedded themselves within my chest,

making it harder to finish my quest.

Its icy cold petals blossomed within,

and began controlling my actions like a hellish sin.

Its barbed stems spread to the fragile pink above,

pain tickled my nerves, but I saw no blood.

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t see,

this powerful creature, gripping hold of me.

I was numb,

I felt dumb,

I wished it’d go back to where it’s from.

I asked for its name,

for it to be tame.

it hissed again at me,

and then I could finally see,

this monster taking hold of me.

Pain flicked my ears,

and all I could hear,

was the terror that taunted me year after year.

His name was unmistakable,

His face instinctively forsakable,

Each memory of him unshakable.

He sent earthquake trembles down my spine,

unraveled my composer as easily as twine,

I was lost.

I soon found the cost,

the cost of knowing him,

the one who could drive you to sin.

I’m sorry to share this with you,

for he will soon haunt you too,

His name is one that will invade your thought and ear,

he is none other than almighty Fear.


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