Give us Life

The cry of a little baby,
The agony of young soul,
The brutality of life,
That streams down from souls,
All this can be repaired,
Walk to that beggar,
Speak to that pregnant teenage girl,
Encourage that young boy on the street,
Rather than criticising,
And laying blames on the innocence,
Of that young fellow,
You aren't better off
Cos one of your decisions
Caused that rampaging predicament
That resulted in condemnation,
Give us life we plead! Not strife

To you who make policies,
Think before he realises
The reality of the damaged
Bomeranged at him for his hustling,
And bustle that all results in
Painful shame,
Sorrowful agony,
And a sad soul screaming
"Come to our aids,
The government has taken us alive,
With a policy that rewards the elites,
Not the poor soul that needs a light.
Give us light that will illuminate,
Not the elites that will culmunate
Give us life we plead!
Not policies

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My country
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