Your Masterpiece

I saw your work of art today,

And they say behind every artist there is a story, 

behind every painting, an emotion. 

So, why do you feel this way?

How much pain did it take to make that Masterpiece?

Waiting for your rescue,

You're screaming out loud with your brushstrokes, 

Calling for help,

And no matter how hard I try,

I can't take away your brush. 

I want to heal your pain,

I want to take away every scar,

Emotional and Physical.

I want to help you,

I just don't know how. 

But I can matter-of-factly tell you this:

You ARE worth MORE than you think. 

You have a purpose, 

And no matter what ANYONE tells you, 

You ARE Beautiful.

So chin up Sweetie,

And put that brush down. 

You're a new canvas now. 




For a friend of mine. She's a soldier among many. Sometimes she feels as though her cause is lost, but I stand beside her and tell her this war is not yet over. She may be different, but that is what makes her beautiful.

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