Please hear me out.
This pain is not for attention.
This pain is not for me.
This pain is not for drama, or hysteria.
Nor is this pain, a ghost of the past.
This pain is far worse than death.
It is its own lingering pain.
A pain upon pain.
I can’t stop it anymore.
I can’t pretend it isn’t there.
Because it is.
It tortures me.
It hurts me to please it.
It makes me never stop.
It makes me never smile.
And when I finally let it out,
all because of an event, an excuse,
Everyone goes deaf.
Or, am I just mute?
This pain leaves, and returns
with armies.
I can’t make peace.
It has entered my fort.
My loneliness.
I’m not even alone anymore.
All I want is an ear,
Are you listening?


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