Living Today


Stuck in an abyss, knowing I can’t resist
Facing things without big risks
Even if I’m bleeding from my wrists
I’ll still look for happiness, even if it didn’t exist
Pain’s my friend and I’ll stick with him till the very end
All the things I can’t comprehend
Will always be the meanings I can’t understand
Sleep in my dreams while buried in sand
Seeing my deceased friends
And the two brothers who sacrificed their life for mine back then

Both were prematured, and recently I lost two friends

You know that feeling of losing a friend?
Even though they said they’ll be with you to the end?
But when they gone, and never seen again
You could only deny it and pretend
You can say it’s nonsense but you’re on the wrong sense
So save your thoughts and two cents
Here’s a thought for your penny
Disrespecting me is hopping the wrong fence
The life I live in has a limited boundary
This is a true story no fame or glory
I live for those who surround me
And survive by the factors around me
I’m king of my world but it never crowned me
I dream of people willing to respect me
Respect my thoughts and feelings that express me
I'm doing whatever works for me
Cuz the pain has already torn me..apart
Leaving no ending but only a start
One burning rip through my heart
Like getting stabbed by glass shards
I wish I could fast forward
To the happiness I'm looking towards
So happy I could slap stars from afar
Don't care if I burn. I'm used to it
Pain already took my heart and abused it
Call it a heartbeat. I would stop it if I could do it.
I’ve seen that living is killing me
And dying is living free
I'm here cuz pain has driven me,
To this dead end
I'm breaking the wall but it's filling me,
With anger and revenge
No matter the case
Through all the crap that I’ve faced
I know I have this dignity and this grace
I won’t be fazed even if you call me a disgrace
I’m taking my own lead in this race
Take these words and put it on a flyer
Pass it around and see what people
Has to say about my passion and desire
Life’s the lighter fluid to my fire
And it’s raising these flames brighter and higher
I see my bros in the sky looking down
I know that if they were alive,
I wouldn’t be around
I live for them every single day
No way this life’s going to be a waste
Their death had led me to say
“Thanks for letting me live today.”



Good job , this is really good 

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