Financial Band-Aid

Once upon a time I was living so carefree,

Thinking that college came to everybody naturally.

What I didn't realize was that getting there isn't sweet as honey;

You've got to have the smarts, and/or have a boat-load of money.


Some colleges are prestigious, they're leaders,

But when it comes down to the bills, they're beaters.

Whipping us together like egg white foam,

Leaving us wondering if we'll ever leave home.


"College isn't for everyone", a factual story.

Yet, I'd rather be on an episode of Maury

Than to never get educated and achieve nice grades;

Without people like us, the purpose fades.


Senior year rolled by, I was ready to get loose,

But I had to keep my future in mind, or I'd end up on the caboose.

Being in the top third of my class seemed to be no hardship,

Then when people of more brainily caliber came in, I chipped!


I had to look to financial aid...

It's like one ginormous band-aid.

Helping those of us down in the food chain,

Keeping our minds off of the scholarly strain.


I hope that I can get to college and not have to worry about the dollar,

And not have to take out loans and have myself attached to a life-time collar.

So ready to get off of this one-way street and be to myself only true.

I'm finally on my feet and rising to the future stars above; now what about you?




I really like that! Similar to Oscar, Wilde, huh? I believe it. The egg white foam part is an epic smilie! Great stuff.

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