A Valiant Watcher

The cold winter shiver trickles down my spine

Soft winds brush against my visage

A faint glow in the twilight as an obsidian darkness drapes over the world

My over-worked hands, calloused and frozen

I watch as the pearly and pallid frosty white wonders of the world ride the gentle cool breeze

A bellowing wail permeating against my numb ears

My stiff legs begin moving forth to the blustering shriek

A woman, pale and alone, sobbing against a frigid brick wall

Crimson stained blade, blood-clotted mouth

Emptiness, despair, and regret fluttering amongst her

An unknown man, lay still

My mechanical hands unite and concentrare

Steel algid chains clattering

The desloate walk of anguish

A boisterous siren,  a fire work of three colors

I now see what it is like to be a valiant watcher.









Great poem :) The period at the end added emphasis. Keep it up! smiles

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