A Building


United States
40° 49' 42.6144" N, 73° 53' 30.804" W

Sturdy and strong,
From the outside nothing could go wrong,
Crumbling on the inside, this tower
So tall and so bold
Colorful yet vague
As it watches and stares at all that pass by,
Rainy days, sunny days,
This building waits and prays,
Its elegance disappearing with every waking minute,
This home for some, nightmare for others
This gargantuan structure, a victim convicted within itself
With no help but itself
Surrounded by so many, never connected entirely, never to feel variety, nor priority, or love
As no tenant could give the attention it deserved,
And no tenant may ever give what it needs,
As no one gets close its interior fills and consumes like a parasite,
It feeds on its emotions and it's trying to fight,
Its insides, its floors, doors, deteriorating
It tries to never ponder on what its destruction will come from,
As it lets its most magnificent resident roam through its rooftop fast in a section that allows to view and run passed its past
It worries no more yet worries so much
Could this structure last if its favorite's soul sees its sickening sad past?

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I learned in a Literary Criticism class that buildings in stories represent people. So at the time I wrote this I wasn't feeling to great about myself and a girl was in my life but being very shady. The poem describes how i felt about myself.The girl is my "favorite tenant" and I was letting her roam through my head by letting her get to know me.



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