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Never been on top
Never been good enough
Had a couple of blessings
But I never had good luck
Always underestimated
Nobody believed in me
But I see why because
I was never in the lead
Having high expectations
But I can't seem to fulfill
Always on the losing side
How do you think that make me feel
Trying to get to the top but you get shot down
But the pride in me say " You Can't Stop Now "
"You can't stop now
You can never give in
Stay on your grind and your destined to win
Just put your mind to it, you can achieve"
I'm always losing because I never believed
In me, as you can see, its crazy
Never sure of myself
Never "Yes", just "Maybe"
Obviously, It's something wrong that I am doing
I'm always losing
It's been proven.


Cheryl Griffith

This is a sad poem but not all poems can be happy ones. Poetry reflects our reality and the world around us. And this poem is a reflection of someone reality, perhaps, many of us. But there's a time for everything, a time to lose and a time to win, your winning time is coming soon so don't give up just believe in yourself and your God-given abilities. Keep writing, poetry is one of the most powerful form of expression of ourselves .

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