Above The Influence


It’s music note coming at you

Throwing these facts down so you’ll understand where I’m coming from

I mean the point of me stating these facts

Lately I’ve seen stuff that is just whack

Okay ima lay this down for ya

A teenager talking about the truth ain’t gonna hurt

Cause getting twisted and smacked ain’t considered chillin

I mean don’t look at me and say that I’m the villian

What you think that is cool?

Blowing smoke, drinking all you want then you get caught

You faced all the consequences, but did it again

This ain’t ya real life! Those aren’t ya real friends

They support your habit, but I ain’t gonna have it

You take that one shot then it’s sunken


It’s such a tragic to claim it’s really fun

It’s all fun and games until your life is done

So what’s your plans later on in life

I hope it’s the limelife and not the dark side

Ya feel me? Cause

I’m tired of all the nonsense, the gun violence, and the drug pushin


It’s sicken how the youngin is just following

What happened to the leaders, over achievers, and college kids?

I guess they’re gone! I could be wrong!  

Cause todays society has took a wrong left turn

And I’m just here tryna find my right path

Fighting obstacles, courage is my better half.



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