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These four walls hold me in
Blank and bare, so naked, I stare
The dimmed light from the screen
Makes a
A dull glow because it is dark, past 11.
I continue to stare at the blank and bare, so naked wall.
The darkness wraps around me
Like a shawl.
I stare, never taking my eyes off it.
The darkness devours the plain, blank and bare wall.
No credit is given to it.
It isn’t good enough, it will never be.
The dark is safe, where one can hide and protect
From the blank and bare so naked wall.
Will I ever be good enough?
My darkness will never compare to the blank and bare.
Is it pure enough?
Will it ever suffice?
Can anyone see my darkness?
Does anyone understand my darkness?
Am I overshadowed by the blank and bare?
I continue to stare, focusing, concentrating
Harder, Deeper, Heavier, Direct.
The Glow illuminates
It shines bright
Like a Diamond.
I lose conscious
The darkness escapes
The once bare, plain naked wall is now brightly painted with memoirs of
And a House full of Wealth.

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