Safe is a word that

Safe is a word that bounces in my chest, it holds my breath in after thoughts like "future"
Take it away, can you arrange my life so I don't cry at night?
Under everything I had hoped for lies the fear that I won't make it that far
Dear god, if only I were still Catholic, would the rosary save me like a noose around my neck that brings me up to heaven
Elevated are my dreams, they float among mountain tops, can't tie them down, but
Never have I tried to, even after my mother's begging. she just wants what's best for her daughter
Tell me, what is health insurance worth if i'm sitting behind a desk for thirty years
Don't tell me i'm unrealistic, isn't everyone told that? why do we listen
Every time i listen, i listen, i listen. need to put my hands up to cover my ears so i can forge ahead
Burst into sunlight after running a marathon, I got lost under the bleachers for a spell
Tell me, tell me I can make it, tell me I make you proud.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

let your voice be understood

this poem does a great job in reflecting on the direction you want to take in terms of acheiving goals

keep writing

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