Musically Warped

Am I really the same person as I was a couple years ago?

This new person I see in the mirror tells me different

I wouldn’t say that I blossomed physically into change

Mentally and emotionally I’ve grown better than I thought

Music shaped me, changed me, and helped me


Reminiscing to my Lovato dreams and Ariana wishes

That cute, sweet little girl who was a Beyoncé wannabe

Always spinning around the clichés in life

High School Musical and Hannah Montana made that girl


What happened to her now?

A teen in high school afraid of what’s next

Panic upon the arrival of decisions

Always an outsider inside of her mind

Loved and hated outside, but inside of their minds


This is the new me, I would’ve never guessed

Rebel Love Song stuck in my head forever

Escaping my fate is something I haven’t churned together

Rock music isn’t what I expected to keep me as calm as the ocean


I expected an imaginary happiness in life like unicorns

Only to be shoved with this life saver and pushed with reality

Rock music has warped me into who I am today

Without it I wouldn’t be here to write this poem


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