But I am here now to just write

The World knows

That there is hunger right beneath their nose

Never waste food and give all you can

People are dying its already began

15 million children on the daily

Wondering where there next meal will be frailly

Crying as their stomachs are bloated

But they are devoted

To staying alive

Pushing forward day by day

And all they can do is pray

God give us the strength to go on

We might be hungry but we are strong

They have nothing, yet they still pray

Hungry and tired every day

We see this happening right in front of us 

Yet we all still fuss

Because we are too full to eat this last bite

But I am here now to just write

To bring light

The World around us is not alright

So come together America as one

Lets make a change it has to be done!

World hunger can come to an end

All they really need is a friend

Lets make a difference one by one

Feeding the hungry till there is none.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



Bravo man...!
Good job...

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