Tue, 09/09/2014 - 19:02 -- KaveMan


Just Tryna stay sain before my mind becomes slain from my hearts eruption. I'm headind down a steady path of self destruction I can feel my mind slowly deter the affilliation of what love once had in store, Is this Love or something new, Is this love cause im feeling blue. should i say i love you? would it all matter? Would it bring back the battle we once fought to keep our hearts in the same corner. I an feel my soul leave as i strole down this empty corrodor. With my hands running along this chain-linked fence until it falls numb dumb founced to myside feeling confined to a prison shaped as a prism reflecting images of myself. Mind Blown to ones health am i lost or found am i silent or is there sound, Is This love or something new, Is this love cause now im feeling blue. I can feel the tension im'ma cut it. We can make a stew, ripped my heart out theres the peices, im'ma sipp the soup of disparity, this shit is to clear but i like the clarity. 
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