that is my job


when i was little i wrote even though my hands could barely reach over the
keyboard without stumbling and tripping on each other, each word; each of
the times that i spelled a sentence, i always spelled it wrong. to suggest that
the words were well thought out--that's silly. but even then, i was budding as
a writer. maybe that's an insult. i don't know. maybe i've never been anything
better than a dirty, rotton writer. maybe the world's full of writer and i'm just
one of the few who will admit it, one of the few who will raise her hand to the
mess and mutter, "yes, these words are my fault, but we cannot clean them up
until tuesday."
 maybe that's me.
 maybe i will be more someday; maybe i will stay a writer. a lot of kids grow up
writers and give up the profession for more pratcical things. i don't know if i
have the will for that because i'm not practical. i cry at silly movies and i don't
know my arithmatic so well. when i grow up, i just want to write. not because it
brings in a revenue because it doesn't. but i can communicate well and i can meet
the deadlines, and i know how to look at the world and put it on words. just last
night, i wrote about two birds outside my window. they were fighting over who
got to carry a rose in their beak. they reminded me of starlets.
my resume:
skills: i can write until you need me to stop, and then i can work very hard for you.
experience: i have lived in this world for as long as many and see it as any have seen.
education: of course. i know the meaning of grades, of the future. it was persuasive.
and besides that, i will run far and away for you, far and away into the minds of many.
or out on the streets with the protestors, or out tomorrow, out where the blue sky
cries for many. and I will write for you about why people change when they don't know
how to live as they do. i will write to you about the voices who cannot speak up because
i am one and it's hard. maybe i will be a writer and maybe that will be my job, but for 
you i will write for change because that is what will matter and i can do it, i swear.
i will write for you there and capture the words, infuse some pain, and that will be my
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Wow! I can just feel the realness of your words! I am inspired by the raw emotion and pure feeling! Please never stop writing! :)


YOU may write the story of my life cuz that was beautiful =')

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