Teach the Teachers




*Authors Note:  This piece is a rap that expresses more when put to a beat and follows the cues indicated by the dash marks, enjoy!     Imma' be honest, I'm from the border city where some people may think it's not too pretty /   Some would even say it's kinda shhhhhh...... /   What? /    I ain't using profanity, I'm just tryng to keep my sanity /    I'm trying to express myself /    And you say it's a calamity? /    Is that what they're teaching in schools these days? /    Turning you into mindless slaves? /    When did free expression become an isolated session where your only concession was to withstand complete compression and repression and your teachers profession was not to hear your confession and your story of struggling depression while you're standing there dealing with aggression towards others which you deliver with discretion?! /    It must be some kind of transgression, /    When your mentors believe to be of such a high ascension that you don't even make a single impression and can't even arrange a quick little session to receive a little affection?! /    You want us to get involved and be excited?! /    Why?! /    You won't even have a single clue why I'm indicted or suicided because I decided that if you want me to be excited then don't make me so benighted! /    My teachers will call my way of thinking twisted like DNA, /    But I don't care. /    Just ask Watson and Crick, /    With teachers behaving this way it just makes me sick! /    Like my man Jeff Bliss said... /    "If you want a kid to change and start doing better you gotta' touch his frickin' heart." /    Ain't that true man, cause you know how quickly their world can fall apart. /


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