German Boy

German Boy

“I love you”


“I love us”

More silence

“I need you”

A terrifying


Earth shattering


A tear rolls its triumphant path

Down her innocent cheek

The spine in her shakes

Lips quivering

Trying to speak

She whispers

“without you

I am weak”

A quickening patter in her heart

A sweaty tension

She cannot stand for them to be apart

Her brain abruptly stopped

What’s taking over is a thought

A nervous


Yet innocent thought

Her mouth unfairly opens

Before her brain reacts

She sharply spits the words

“but you don’t need me.

Why else would you leave”

Regret fills her body

She knows the cruelty of her words

She turns

Slowly breaking down inside

More tears

Roaming hot amongst her cheeks

Filling her eyes with a horrible sting

Letting her heart beat

Releasing breaths of defeat

Then she hears the words

She hears the words that are so sweet

And yet they rip her heart apart

They rip it into tiny scraps

Tiny scraps no glue could mend

 “I will always love you”

She paused

Then continued on because

She knew

That would be the end. 


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