Passionate to Help




 I'd like to believe in good people

Trust me

Don't question my intentions

Don't smack your lips

Have a feisty attitude

Embrace some patience

Don't let my patience offend you


Write down some life lessons

Practice and preach them

My investment is in you

My good deeds go unpunished


Believe me when I say

My passion is to help others

Hoping they help themselves

I'll make my passion my paycheck



I'll be there for somebody each day

Make a difference everyday

I'd be there to listen

Shine a light on them

So they can shine bright


People are my motivation

Keep up with reality

Keeping my relationships strong

When the world ends

Count on me til the end

I'm pursuing my dreams

People are my inspiration

One day I may be remembered

The day they get that paper

On graduation











This poem is about: 
My community



Thank you for the chance to enter this scholarship contest. Had a blast writing this!

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