Soulful Gateway

Shadows cover my face

It’s no warm embrace

In case you didn’t notice,

I am not a pompous little lotus.

I see what some cannot

The hours passing through an empty lot

This place is far from home

But what really is this place called “home”

If every hour I spend alone?

Can beauty or light shine upon my face?

One that hides in shadows beyond this place.

Do not expect what I cannot give

For then your faith will be short-lived

Don’t come before me and expect the world

For I will whirl your perception of truth

Please don’t act as if you care,

Like the world is full of aspirations of those full of innocence

Because then you will be the only one unaware

If I stand before you, do not expect anything of me

For living is all the use I’ll be

My smile is a hoax

My eyes are bleeding, pleading, but misleading of my smile

For they are truthful

In fact, the most truth you will ever regard

For I am a mime

Voice trapped, but spirit open

Eyes focused on telling a story

A story of emotions blazing thick through you

They are the gateway to sincerity:

Sincerity of the mind, heart, and soul

So, if you’ve come for the truth

Don’t rely on the smile that speaks lies and trickery,

Only concentrate on the soulful gateway that speaks not what you want to hear,

But speaks what must be released upon the ears who can bear its misery.

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