I've shed so many tears,

I have no more,

And all that is left is a shell.

A shell of a girl that I used to know,

The girl that I still show.

But no one knows what happens,

Behind the doors that I've closed.

They don't know that the words

The words they said today,

The words they said yesterday,

Have stuck to me, and killed me away.

They don't know the twisted games I play

When I am all alone in the light of day.

Sometimes I wonder if I still exist,

Or is my body an empty casket?


A casket to old memories and smile,

Ones to cover up the frail mind,

Of the one who fell.

Fell into the abyss

Fell to her wounds.

Fell into a pit of demons,

A pit of fear

A pit of sadness

A pit of dissapointment.


A pit of dissapointment that she made.

She made for herself.

Herself who she hates.

She hates for being weak,

She hates for being the source of the problems,

She hates 'cause she's ugly,

She hates 'cause she cares about their opinion,

She hates' cause she knows she shouldn't.

She hates 'cause she can't love herself.


She can't love herself cause she's empty.

Empty of emotion,

Empty of words,

Empty of pain.

Empty of smiles,

Empty of life.

She lives because she is empty,

And wants to be full.

She lives because she's empty,

To all the fools.

The fools who fail to look beyond

The wall she has created,

The plastered masks,

The falsified word,

And see that this...

This casket isn't as empty as it seems.

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Our world


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