Little Bird

Fri, 09/06/2013 - 20:26 -- alisonj

Little bird,

Your voice is heard.

I see your tears,

I understand your fears.

I will fight for you,

But you must fight too.


Little bird,

You mean the world to me,

I wish you could see,

How much I care.

I know it is not fair,

I know you are in pain,

Happiness is hard to feign.


Oh little bird,

You really must try,

Even when you just want to cry.

Smile once in a while,

Even if life is vile.


But little bird please,

Life is really just a tease.

We can have it all,

And then watch it fall.

Watch what we built tumble,

The rocks we used crumble.

We only have the remains,

We are left with the worst pains.


Little bird I know,

Resilience is slow,

Memories continue to taunt,

All they do is haunt.

Constantly reminded of what we lost,

But we must get better at every cost.


Little bird I will help you,

I know what you are going through,

You were there from the start,

And you never did part.

I am here for you,

And that you know is true.


Little bird do not cry,

I will help you fly.




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