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Let's be lonely together

We'll sit by the fire and you might call me a liar

Cause I stole some Monopoly money while you turned your back

Or I stole some of your food and had a light snack

We can play and giggle and be lovers all day

In my couch-fort that I made once before

When my parents would scream outside my bedroom door

And I'd lock out the sound by being a spaceman

Or Dr J Private from the planet Zaane

sure it's childish but that's how you survive

In a world dangerous and hostile like a hornets hive

Cmon forget I said it, I'm mature I swear

Fuck shit dick cunt derrière

See look I swear like an adult


What do you mean it's all my fault?

My mum said it wasn't but you must be right

Daddy used to say I was why they'd fight

Cause I walked in on him with another girl

And my brain twisted and moved in a swirl

And woke up ten years later with all my values in check

And without my dad cause, he couldn't control his dick

Yeah, that's my fault right, who else would it be?

There's no way it could be you or him, it must be me


But one day I'll be your king and you'll be my queen

And everything we do will be exactly as it seems

Romeo and Juliet, without the mortal end, umm

We'll be happy together in our own private kingdom


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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