I'll Take You Further



Ha! Remember when you hit that blunt for breakfast that morning?

You thought you were on cloud 9 until you found yourself hitting rock bottom by lunch.

I’ve got something that’ll make you feel so much better, for so much longer.

Forget the clouds! Shoot you’ll be walking on the moon.

Just listen. No don’t argue. I promise it’ll be worth your time.

Worth your family, worth your friends, worth your life.

Can’t afford it?

Don’t worry I teach you how to lie and steal.

And don’t think about what others say. They don’t know how it feels.



No? You want to go to school?

Oh lord. Child what sense does that make.

Why pick up a book when you can stay home and chill.

Today was great huh? If only we could remember what happened.

Oh well, round two tomorrow. Get ready!

Wait what? Get rid of me?

Oh there’s no way to do that.

Come on now. Just sit back and relax.



My name? Not now. Just know I claim the life of most

You know what? Why not invite some friends to join you.

It’ll be fun.

Like a party, but without the music and beer.

Just a couple friends, a needle and a belt.



What?! Your mom’s home?

Well I can’t help you with that.

Just tell me when everything is over, then I’ll come back

No way, she can’t kick you out!

Missed school for 2 weeks?

No, I swore it was just 2 days

Well pack your clothes and anything else you need.

But don’t you dare forget about me

I know a place you can go to forget all of this.

It’s an alley downtown, not too far I guess



Yes, yes, right here

Now just sit down and rest.

I know you’re tired but let’s do it again.

Pull it tight. Shoot it up. Don’t mind the world.

I’ll be waiting for you when you wake up.

Hello? Hello?

You’ve been sleep for a while.

Please don’t tell me you’re dead.

I didn’t even introduce myself.

My name is heroin.






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